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Long Duc Industrial Park Launches Recruiting Service for Tenant Companies

-Services Uses HITO-Manager Recruiting Support System to Increase Local Recruiting Efficiency-

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Oct. 1, 2013
Long Duc Investment Company Limited
Sojitz Corporation
G.A. Consultants Co., Ltd.
Intelligence, Ltd.

Long Duc Investment Company Limited (based on Dong Nai Province, Vietnam; referred to as “LDIC”), Intelligence, Ltd., Sojitz Corporation, and G.A. Consultants Co., Ltd. today launched an employee recruiting service for tenants at the Long Duc Industrial Park operated by LDIC in Vietnam’s Dong Nai Province.

The service will be provided by Intelligence Business Solutions, Ltd. (“IBS”), a subsidiary of Intelligence, and G.A. Consultants. The two companies will use HITO-Manager, a recruiting support system developed by IBS, to raise local recruiting efficiency.

Details of the Service

―Job Referrals
A recruiting center will be established on the industrial park. Job-seekers can go to the center, register information such as their experience and desired terms, and obtain referrals to industrial park tenant companies with matching needs.

Tenant companies will be provided the HITO-Manager recruiting support system. They can use the system to register open positions and to manage applicant information. The system can be used to perform progress management such as “interview arranged,” “notice of result provided” and subsequent stages, greatly reducing the time required for complex recruiting operations. The service is free to job seekers. Tenant companies recruiting employees can use the system for fees staring at $250 per month.

―Recruiting Services
Recruiting services will also be provided to tenant companies. IBS and G.A. Consultants will use their expertise on recruiting in Vietnam to integrate complex recruiting operations from gathering information on job seekers through job fairs and job training centers to holding information sessions, initial screening, interviews, and post-hiring follow-ups. Job seekers can use the services free of charge, and hiring companies will pay a base fee and results-based fees.


The pace of Japanese businesses establishing operations in Southeast Asia is accelerating, and interest in Vietnam, which is a pro-Japanese country, is rising. Many countries are establishing operations in Vietnam for the first time, however, and they lack local recruiting expertise.

Until now, the general method of recruiting in industrial parks has been by posting job information on signs within the park, and recruiting personnel have performed recruiting management primarily on paper, which requires considerable time. In addition, few companies have sufficient funds for recruiting. A service for more efficient recruiting of managers and plant workers is needed.

The Long Duc Industrial Park has established systems to support stable operations by Japanese companies setting up business in Vietnam including Sojitz Corporation. Intelligence is collaborating with Sojitz to provide recruiting support. Intelligence will expand its overseas service territories with a focus on Asia and develop business to meet an even broader range of international human resource needs.

Conceptual Overview of Recruiting Center


? HITO-Manager Recruiting Support System

HITO-Manager<>is an ASP-type recruiting management system designed for part-time and temporary employment. Recruiting personnel at each office and site can centrally manage recruiting progress and recruiting information including the recruiting materials of other companies, greatly reducing the workload of recruiting operations.

The system was developed by Intelligence Business Solutions, Ltd., a system planning and development subsidiary of Intelligence. Since its launch in February 2011, the system has been adopted at more than 10,000 sites, primarily by staffing agencies as well as retail stores and dining establishments with multiple sites.

Overview of Long Duc Industrial Park

Name Long Duc Industrial Park
Operator Long Duc Investment Co., Ltd.
Shareholders Long Duc Investment Pte., Ltd.: 88%
- Sojitz Corporation: 50.2%
- Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.: 39.9%
- Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd.: 9.9%
Donna Foods (state-operated foodstuffs company): 12%
Total development area 270 ha
Subdivided area 200 ha
Location Long Duc, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

About Intelligence, Ltd.

The brand slogan of Intelligence, Ltd., a comprehensive human resource service provider, is “Your Job, Your JoyTM.” Based on this slogan, the company seeks to provide a wide range of services to job seekers and businesses and create a society where everyone can enjoy a positive working experience.

Services provided include recruiting media operations for fulltime, part-time and temporary employees, placement services, worker dispatch services, outsourcing services, recruiting support for new graduates, training and educational services, human resource development, organization and personnel consulting services, and system integration services.

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