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Daiichibo Becomes First Japanese Textile Manufacturer to Acquire Fair Trade Certification and License

- Cotton From Senegal to be Used in Various Cotton Products -

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Jan. 18, 2013
Sojitz Corporation
Daiichibo Co., Ltd.

Daiichibo Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sojitz Corporation engaged in planning, manufacture, and sales of textile products, recently registered as a manufacturer of fair trade certified products under standards adopted by Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO). The registration was conducted through Fairtade Label Japan, a non-profit organization. Daiichibo is the first Japanese textile manufacturer to conduct integrated production of certified fair trade products from spinning to sewing in Japan.

[Cotton from Senegal]

Fair trade is a trade system designed to improve the lives of and establish autonomy by producers and workers in developing countries who are in weak position through the continuous purchase of raw materials and products from those countries at fair prices. Specific examples of fair trade products introduced in Japan include coffee and chocolate candies (further details can be found on the following website: The international fair-trade standards comprise three main pillars: economic standards, social standards, and environmental standards. Periodic audits of participating organizations ensure that the standards are followed in all processes from production of raw materials to import and manufacture of final products.

Daiichibo is the manufacturer to conduct integrated production of certified fair trade products from spinning to sewing in Japan. Daiichibo purchases certified cotton from Senegal and performs planning and production of various textile products at its integrated production facility in Arao, Kumamoto prefecture for distribution to markets.

Daiichibo uses the certified cotton from Senegal with technologies called IPX spinning*, a unique specialized spinning technique, to create functional fibers with functions such as moisture absorption and rapid drying. The raw thread is knitted and processed, and final textile products are planned. A series of products sold under the Daiichibo simple mind® brand will be available from the simple mind® online shop starting in late March (shop site:

Daiichibo plans to produce T-shirts, polo shirts, uniforms, environmentally-friendly bags, and undergarments, and in addition to its own products, will handle the fair-trade certified products of other companies with the aim of increasing the use of fair trade products and providing products that offer convenience and peace of mind to consumers.

* Fibers are placed in the center of the threads and wrapped at high speed using area to form the thread structure. Because the fibers are incorporated into the center of the thread, the ends do not stick out and there is little pilling. Also, there is no twisting of the center of the thread, so the threads easily absorb moisture and dry quickly while maintaining a soft feel.

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