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“Delicious Bluefin Tuna Festival” to be held in Nagasaki

- Nagasaki, Japan’s Top Source of Farmed Tuna, to Hold Major PR Event -

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Dec. 14, 2012
Sojitz Corporation, Sojitz Tuna Farm Takashima Co., Ltd.
Takarabe Suisan Co., Ltd., Nishiyama Suisan Co., Ltd.
Hashiguchi Suisan Co., Ltd., Japan Tuna Farming Ltd.
Mitsushima Suisan Co., Ltd.

A sponsoring organization made up of bluefin tuna farming businesses and related fisheries associations will hold the Nagasaki “Delicious Bluefin Tuna Festival” on January 12 (Saturday), 2013.

Sojitz Tuna Farm Takashima Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sojitz Corporation and five other companies (Takarabe Suisan Co., Ltd., Nishiyama Suisan Co., Ltd., Hashiguchi Suisan Co., Ltd., Japan Tuna Farming Ltd., and Mitsushima Suisan Co., Ltd.), working in cooperation with the Nagasaki prefectural government and Joshibijyutsu University of Art and Design, created this opportunity for consumers to experience firsthand delicious bluefin tuna in Nagasaki, Japan’s number one producer of farmed bluefin tuna, and to publicize the efforts of farming business to enhance quality.

Nagasaki Prefecture is blessed with abundant fisheries and has 40 bluefin tuna farming businesses, the most in Japan. In 2011, bluefin tuna shipments were 60,000 fish, making Nagasaki Japan’s top producer. To ensure the sustainability of bluefin tuna resources, the national government has imposed restrictions to prevent further expansion in the number of farming locations and the total take. As a result, the industry is shifting its emphasis from quantity to quality. By holding the Nagasaki Delicious Bluefin Tuna Festival, the sponsors seek to make consumers aware of the results of their efforts to raise the quality of farmed bluefin tuna by holding sashimi evaluations by experts and consumers, tuna cutting demonstrations and sales, and exhibits and demonstrations of cooking with tuna. This is the first event to be held through the cooperation of the entire Nagasaki blue fin tuna farming industry.

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