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Sojitz Cosmetics Launches New naturecia + Series

- Natural Aging Care Series Supports the Skin Water Moisture Cycle and Tone -

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Sep. 12, 2012
Sojitz Corporation
Sojitz Cosmetics Corporation

Sojitz Cosmetics Corporation launch the naturecia + line of three-step skincare products consisting of soap, lotion, essence, and cream products. Sales will begin on September 18.

From the left: naturecia + soap, lotion, essence, and cream

Since its launch in 2010, naturecia has gained the strong support from customers as a skin care series for restoring the natural beauty of skin through particular attention to the role of moisture in the skin and natural ingredients. The new naturecia + series was created as a natural aging care cosmetics line with a focus on the beauty ingredients necessary for healthy and supple skin with elasticity.

The soap used in the first cleansing step of care produces a thick lather to remove sebum and dirt and contains moisture-retaining ingredients including hydrolyzed collagen to produce a clean and refreshing feel while providing moisture to the skin. This is followed by three moisturizing skin care products based on ultrapure water, deep sea water, and hot spring water with pomegranate fruit extract and gynostemma extract to support the skin’s moisture cycle. As aging care products, they also contain three ingredients essential for skin moisture, tone, and elasticity: hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin.

Main Common Ingredients of the three-step skincare products (lotion, essence, and cream)

Pomegranate fruit extract: Extract of pomegranates, a fruit that in recent years has come to be used frequently in health foods intended for women, has an effect on the moisture content of skin to restore the natural moisture balance.
Gynostemma extract: A perennial vine used in health tea in China. Has the effect of supporting barrier functions.
Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid: A powerful moisturizing agent that is said to have the ability to remain six liters of water per gram. Retains water inside the skin and provide moisture to the skin.
Hydrolyzed collagen: Collagen is a protein that controls the elasticity of skin. Collagen expands like a net in the skin and supports skin elasticity.
Hydrolyzed elastin: Elastin is a protein that entwines with collagen and causes collagen to link normally. Elastin works with collagen to support skin elasticity.

By encapsulating ingredients with outstanding beauty effects in micro-capsules, they are effectively permeated throughout the skin, providing substantial skincare effects. The main points of the effects of the lotion, essence, and cream are all different, so the entire skin can be cared for by using the three-product line-up.

Skin to the Hard Layer (illustration)

Using Brightening Clear, a washing massage agent, and Blue Jelly, a jelly-based essence, both of which were released in March 2012, will lead to clear, translucent skin free from the daily stresses of dryness and ultraviolet rays.

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