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Sojitz Cosmetics Launches Naturecia + Products under Naturecia Brand of Cosmetics

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Jul. 6, 2012

Sojitz Cosmetics Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sojitz Corporation that engages in the development, planning, and sale of cosmetics, launched new Naturecia + series of products under the Naturecia private brand that debuted in 2010. Sales are being conducted through mail order.

[New Brightening Clear (left) and Blue Jelly (right)]

Two products were launched at this time-Brightening Clear, a rinse and massage agent (on the left in the photo above) and Blue Jelly, a jelly-based essence (on the right in the photo).

Brightening Clear causes unnecessary dead skin that is not removed by facial cleansing alone to rise for gentle removal. It features a turn over function (renewed skin metabolism with 28 days cycle) and improves the penetration effects of lotion that is subsequently used.

Blue Jelly not only maintains the moisture content of lotion applied to the skin, it also functions as an essence that improves skin moisture through strong moisturizing effects. The jelly consistency is absorbed deep into the skin for smooth skin.

These new products developed for women concerned about skin darkening and moisture provide a refreshing feeling during the spring when temperature fluctuations are extreme and air is dry as well as during the rainy season when humidity is high. They are also ideal for use during the summer, when perspiration is likely. When used in combination with the three existing Naturecia products (lotion, serum, and cream), even greater skin care effects can be expected.

All Naturecia Products including the three earlier products are natural cosmetics based on deep sea water with abundant minerals and hot spring water with deep penetrating effect and contain pomegranate extract and tree sap extract to enhance the water maintenance cycle (the unique function of Naturecia in maintaining the skin’s water cycle).

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