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Daiichibo Launches “Simple Mind® Cool” Innerwear for Summer Comfort

Mar. 28, 2012
Sojitz Corporation
Daiichibo Co., Ltd.

Daiichibo Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sojitz Corporation that plans, manufactures, and sells textile products, developed Simple Mind® Cool functional innerwear to prevent unpleasant perspiration and odor resulting from rising body temperature in conjunction with extreme summer weather and higher indoor temperatures resulted from energy-saving efforts. The new innerwear, which enables users to enjoy more comfortable summer weather, will go on sale in late March for the 2012 summer season.

Simple Mind® Cool innerwear uses a special rayon that incorporates carboxyl and is manufactured by a proprietary method known as Ichibo Production X* (IPX) to produce the following functions.

Water absorption and rapid drying: The fabric absorbs humidity and moisture and rapidly releases moisture.

Cool feeling: The instant it is put on, the fabric feels cool and soft.

Deodorizing: Disperses and eliminates unpleasant perspiration odor.

Anti-pilling: The fabric weaving method prevents pilling** even after repeated use.

pH control: The fabric is adjusted to be mildly acidic to neutral.

Durability: The functions are incorporated into the threads, so the above functions remain stable over the long term.

By incorporating carboxyl (-COOH), which produces deodorant effects by neutralizing odor components, into the rayon from which the fabric is made, ammonia and acetic acid, the causes of unpleasant odors, are quickly broken down and deodorized. Compared to products that have been post-processed (such as with chemicals), the materials resist separation even after repeated washings, maintaining functionality over an extended period. Even though these functions, which are possible precisely because Daiichibo is a textile manufacturer, are incorporated, prices are quite modest (starting at 790 yen).

* IPX places fibers in the center of the thread and wraps them at high speed using air to form the thread structure. Because the fibers are incorporated into the center of the thread, the ends do not stick out and there is little pilling (see photo on right). Also, there is no twisting of the center of the thread, so the threads easily absorb moisture and quickly dry while maintaining a soft feel.

** A phenomenon that results in small balls of fuzz resulting when the surface of the fabric is exposed to friction, causing the nap to rise and interact.


Daiichibo is introducing men’s items at this time and plans to launch ladies’ items in late April. The company is also developing new products such as nursing care innerwear that is easy to put on and remove and uniforms. In addition to conducting mail-order sales, Daiichibo is expanding sales channels to stores and developing the direct-sales business.

Simple Mind® Cool Products

Material: 40 circular rib fabric for a comfortable and pleasant fit
・Short-sleeve crew-neck T-shirt (white) M/L/XL; planned retail price: 790 yen
・Short-sleeve V-neck T-shirt (white) M/L/XL; planned retail price: 790 yen
・Men’s long drawers (black) M/L/XL; planned retail price: 990 yen
Material: 30 cotton sheeting for a soft feel and relaxed fit
・Short-sleeve crew-neck T-shirt (white) M/L/XL; planned retail price: 790 yen
・Short-sleeve V-neck T-shirt (white) M/L/XL; planned retail price: 790 yen


Simple Mind® Brand Concept

Daiichibo created truly high-quality products with embodying comfort as their theme that respond to the desire for long use. Daiichibo provides comfort, security, and satisfaction that people want to wear often and always.

Overview of Daiichibo

Name Daiichibo Co., Ltd.,
Representative Yoshikazu Inui
Head office Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Capital 4 billion yen
Business activities Manufacture, sale, and distribution of textile products

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