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Sojitz Launches Support Services for Firms Expanding into Indonesia

-Overseas Expansion Support Targeting Small and Medium Businesses Responds to Growing Demand in Asia-

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Jan. 30, 2012
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation today launched an overseas expansion support service for Japanese firms setting up operations in Indonesia in response to the rising interest by small and medium companies in conducting business Indonesia.

The service will make use of Sojitz’s expertise and experience as a general trading company to provide support for the complex and onerous applications and other procedures required of firms establishing business in Indonesia including corporate establishment, office brokering, plant construction, facility procurement and installation, and obtaining the various licenses and approvals. By using this service, firms can reduce the risks of overseas expansion, cut costs, and shorten lead times until the start of operations.

Sojitz is developing the Greenland International Industrial Center industrial park in Indonesia, and in conjunction with the increase in foreign companies-particularly Japanese firms-establishing operations in the park, it has decided to expand it. Currently, auto parts makers, household appliance makers, foodstuff makers, and other consumer industry makers are among the firms that seek to establish operations in the park, and following the expansion, a total of about 200 companies is expected. Sojitz expects to provide support to about 30 companies annually through its new service.

Overseas Expansion Support Services Provided by the Sojitz Group

  • Establishment of local subsidiaries (acquisition of BKPM investment approval, preparation of articles of incorporation, acquisition of Ministry of Justice approval, corporate registration, acquisition of foreign investment operating account capital payment corporate tax and value added tax (VAT) number, acquisition of a tax payer registration number (NPWP), and acquisition of an added value tax number (NPPKP))
  • Land purchasing (contract procedures, payment of purchase price, registration procedures)
  • Infrastructure connection procedures (electrical lead ins, electrical line connections, water and sewer lead ins, development management)
  • Plant construction (basic design, geological inspection, general contractor selection, subcontracting agreements, construction permits (IMB), construction management)
  • Facilities and equipment (selection, transport, installation)
  • Logistics (import and export, domestic transport)
  • Insurance
  • Personnel recruiting (workers, managers, engineers, etc.)

Over the past 20 years, Sojitz has developed industrial parks in Indonesia as well as Vietnam and India and will provide services tailored to the needs of companies setting up operations in those parts.

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