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Solar Power Business Feasibility Study to be Conducted in Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture

- Study Selected under Ministry of Environment 2011 Emergency Investigation Project for Renewable Energy Businesses -

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Jan. 13, 2012
Taisei Corporation
Sojitz Corporation
Toshiba Corporation

Taisei Corporation, Sojitz Corporation, and Toshiba Corporation were awarded a contract by the Ministry of the Environment to conduct a feasibility study for solar power in Minamisoma City in Fukushima Prefecture. The project proposed by the three companies (the “Contracted Feasibility Study”) was selected today by the Ministry for its 2011 Emergency Investigation Project for Renewable Energy Businesses, which was opened for submissions in November of 2011. The three companies plan to present the results of the study by March 30.

The Contracted Feasibility Study is intended to accelerate the introduction of renewable energy in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and to contribute to their recovery while implementing measures to counter global warming.

The three companies will investigate project sites in Minamisoma City and conduct a feasibility study concerning adoption of a solar power business plan. The site for construction of the solar power plant will be in Minamisoma City, and the plant will have a capacity of 20 MW.

Taisei will perform overall coordination of the project and investigation and planning of the solar power plant ground, base, and foundation. Sojitz will use its accumulated expertise concerning IPP projects to investigate the business scheme. Toshiba will conduct a prior investigation of the design and engineering for the generation portions of the solar power plant systems.

The Contracted Feasibility Study will investigate the potential for commercial operation. Each participating company will use its business experience and technologies with the aim of contributing to recovery in areas affected by the earthquake and other regions.

Overview of the Contracted Feasibility Study

Candidate building sites: In Minamisoma City, Fukush
ima Prefecture (currently under investigation) Solar power capacity: 20 MW (planned)
Estimated annual power capacity: 21,000 MWh (equal to the power consumption of about 6,000 homes)
Study period: Until March 30.

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