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Sojitz Implements Summer Time Working

- Promoting Work-Life Balance & Energy Saving Measures for the Summer -

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Jul. 11, 2011

Sojitz Corporation started summer time working from today with the aim of addressing the need to save electricity this summer, encouraging a better work-life balance and promoting more efficient working practices. The introduction of this policy is the first for a general trading company.

The period of implementation is from July 11 (Mon) to September 9 (Fri), and the working hours will be brought forward 45 minutes from the usual 9:15-17:30 to 8:30-16:45, promoting the effective use of the early hours in the day during the summer period.

Furthermore, the weeks from August 8 (Mon) to August 19 (Fri) will be assigned as “weeks in which to take summer holiday / paid leave over the summer period”. Employees will be encouraged to take their summer holiday and paid leave during the quiet period over the Obon festival.

Through these measures, Sojitz aims to raise awareness of greater business efficiency among its employees, implement an effective energy saving scheme for the summer, and enhance the co-existence and co-prosperity of company activities and society and the environment.

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