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Sojitz Group’s Nissho Electronics Moves into Cloud Services for the Care Industry

- Timely Management of Transport Vehicle Driving Images, and Promotion of Safe and Ecological Driving / Connecting People and Communities Using ICT to Help Enrich Society -

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Jun. 9, 2011
Sojitz Corporation
Nissho Electronics Corporation

One of Sojitz Corporation’s subsidiaries, Nissho Electronics Corporation is Sojitz Group’s core ICT company. From June, Nissho Electronics has started to offer telematics (technology which provides information using communications systems, such as mobile phones, in cars and other vehicles) cloud services. The service, known as “Anzensougei Kun”, employs cloud technology to enable care facilities to monitor the use of their patient transportation vehicles and promote safe, ecological driving. It is the first time Nissho Electronics has moved into the care industry.

“Anzensougei Kun” is being offered in collaboration with Grafrg Corporation, which acts as the sales agency for the service. Grafrg has around 20 years of success in selling solutions to care facilities, and Nissho Electronics will work with them to help ensure the take up of new transportation practices based on “Anzensougei Kun”. The service is provided through Nissho Electronics’ Cloud Center, and the target is to introduce it to 10,000 vehicles in the first year. Nissho Electronics will cooperate with Grafrg in hosting the “Free Safe Transportation Seminar for Managers of Ambulatory Services” from June - July 2011 in order to expand to all regions nationwide.

“Anzensougei Kun” Service Concept Diagram

In Japan, which is facing the prospect of a rapidly aging society, there are approximately 30,000 care providers developing “day services”, which offer day-care services, and “short stay” care services, where patients are admitted for short periods of time to receive care at the facility. The population aged 75 and above will continue to increase, and the number of people using care facilities (those in critical need of nursing care) is also expected to rise as a result. Care facilities offer daily transportation services to people in need of nursing care, and there is an increasing need for support devices and systems to ensure the safety of these services.

Working in concert with the vehicle’s existing GPS system, drive recorder and other digital tachograph functions, “Anzensougei Kun” acquires data relating to emergency braking and sudden accelerations, distances travelled, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and driving images. It then sends the data in a timely manner using mobile communications networks and manages it centrally at the Cloud Center. By accessing a portal site, users can conveniently monitor vehicle usage, including information on the current location and route of a vehicle. The data can be used to create daily or monthly driving reports for each vehicle. Users can also use imaging data managed by the cloud to carry out training in safe driving, help prevent accidents and raise driver awareness. This can help to project an image of “safety” and “reliability” to the local community, which is particularly important as the care industry has a strong community presence. There is no need for any initial investment, and the basic monthly usage charge is 3,800 yen (including tax) - as a low-cost service it can therefore be introduced relatively quickly.

In addition to the initial “Anzensougei Kun” cloud services being targeted at the care industry, Nissho Electronics intends to expand its telematics cloud services into other sectors, such as the freight forwarding industry. Using the most cutting edge technology in the world to create cloud bases for industry-specific services, Nissho Electronics’ aim is to provide one-stop solutions optimized to meet each customer’s needs in a wide range of industries, including the communications, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, and finance industries, as well as the SI, academic and public sectors.

Using technology as a means of communication, Sojitz Group will continue to connect people with people, people with things and people with society, in order to contribute to the greater enrichment of society.

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