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Sojitz Cosmetics Successfully Develops "AMIJOUE" Anti-Aging Skin Care Series Blended with Amino Acids

- Sales to Begin February 2 as Second In-House Brand -

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Jan. 27, 2011
Sojitz Corporation
Sojitz Cosmetics Corporation

Sojitz Cosmetics Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sojitz Corporation active in the development, planning and sales of cosmetic products, is pleased to announce the successful development of "AMIJOUE," a new anti-aging care cosmetics brand blended with amino acids. The product lineup will be initially available from February 2 in the stores in the Japanese Consumers’ Co-operative Union (Co-op) chain, with sales to be steadily expanded through the Co-op home delivery service (based on communal purchases) as well as on the general retail market.

["AMIJOUE" JUNKINOMOTO / ~the Elements of Moisture~ / Anti-Aging Skin Care series (from the left, Lotion, Essence and Cream)]

Sojitz Cosmetics previously planned and developed the "Naturecia" natural cosmetics in-house brand, which it introduced on the cosmetics mail-order market in April 2010. Against the backdrop of the expanding needs for anti-aging care cosmetics, the company then set out to conceive an anti-aging care product sourced from natural moisturizing factor (NMF), amino acids. Now, these efforts have culminated in the launch of the AMIJOUE JUNKINOMOTO / ~the Elements of Moisture~ / Anti-Aging Skin Care series as its second in-house brand.

Mobilizing over 25 years of experience and expertise in the planning and development of cosmetics, Sojitz Cosmetics strives to perfect products that efficiency work on aged skin and yet keyed to the price trends on today’s cosmetics market. The result has been the development of excellent and reasonably priced cosmetics items.

AMIJOUE, blended with amino acids forming the base of collagen, is an anti-aging care series engineered to draw out the essential strength of the skin. While instilled with advanced functions that commence with preparation of a suitable skin environment, the products also feature low-irritation levels. The keynote concept is to replenish the skin with enhancement agents, assisting in the maintenance of inherent skin beauty and anti-aging performance to raise confidence and composure to stellar heights. The series consists of a three-item set covering the basic elements of skin care - lotion, essence and cream.

Not resting on its laurels, Sojitz Cosmetics is already well on the way to the launch of its third in-house cosmetics brand - a high added-value product line slated to reach the market this fall. The company will continue to channel keen efforts into the development of new charismatic brands over the years to come as well. This will involve harnessing the extensive domestic and overseas networks of the Sojitz Group in domains ranging from product ingredient procurement through overseas promotion, in the ongoing mission to strengthen the value chain of the Sojitz chemical and high-function material division.

AMIJOUE JUNKINOMOTO / ~the Elements of Moisture~ / Anti-Aging Skin Care Series ~Product Profile

Brand name "AMIJOUE"
Product concept For women concerned about skin aging ~ a moisturizer anti-aging series blended to replenish the skin with essential elements
Sales Sojitz Cosmetics Corporation
Production and marketing Ajinomoto Healthy Supply, Inc.
Target Women from their late 30s to late 40s troubled by aging skin.
Sales channels To commence February 2 (Wed), 2011 through the Japanese Consumer Co-operative Union nationwide store chain (eventually to be available at some 500 stores). Marketing will be steadily expanded through the Co-op home delivery service (communal purchases) as well as via sales on the general retail market.
Product lineup - Lotion (120ml, listed retail price ¥1,260, including tax)
- Essence (40g, listed retail price ¥1,480, including tax)
- Cream (28g, listed retail price ¥1,380, including tax)

Product Features

Name, quantityFeatures
"Lotion" 120ml Moisture replenishing lotion positioned to address aging skin plagued by dryness. Blended with moisturizing agent, amino acids (threonine and glutamine acid Na) known to restore skin to a soft and refreshing touch.
"Essence" 40g Skin beauty rejuvenating essence designed for aging skin characterized by declining barrier function. Richly blended with amino acids (alanine and leucine) to support skin texture, this product is efficiently assimilated into the skin to help sustain a soft and velvety tone.
"Cream" 28g Skin firmness enhancer cream developed for aging skin prone to sag, blended with amino acids (arginine and histidine) effective in coaxing back resilient tone.It is lightly smooth to touch, the product nevertheless excels in sustaining moisture and rejuvenating both the skin and the mood upon use.

Note: Lotion, Essence and Cream products are individually blended with amino acids necessary for the intended use.

Name: Sojitz Cosmetics Corporation
President: Mitsuo Muto
Headquarters: Chuo Ward, Tokyo
Capitalization: ¥200 million
Business activities: Planning, development and sales of cosmetics products.

<Production and Marketing>
Name: Ajinomoto Healthy Supply, Inc.
President: Yasushi Akasaka
Headquarters: Chuo Ward, Tokyo
Capitalization: ¥380 million

Business activities: Buying, selling, importing and exporting of ingredients for pharmaceuticals, foods, beverages, livestock feed, cosmetics, etc.; consigned production of cosmetics, quasi-drugs and toiletries

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