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Sojitz Infinity Launches McGREGOR CLASSIC Brand

New Brand Tailored to Elegant Lifestyles with Focus on Consumers in their 30s with Families

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Jun. 10, 2010

Sojitz Infinity Inc., a subsidiary of Sojitz Corporation engaged in apparel planning, manufacturing, and sales, will launch a new brand known as McGREGOR CLASSIC in the fall of 2010. The new McGREGOR CLASSIC brand, which will target consumers in their 30s with families, will be available in stores directly operated by Sojitz Infinity at shopping centers in the Tokyo metropolitan area and on leading online sites.

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The McGREGOR brand, which was created in the United States in 1921, boasts a history of 90 years and has been favored by Hollywood actors. McGREGOR was introduced in Japan in 1961 and gained considerable support as an elegant lifestyle. The new McGREGOR CLASSIC brand adds innovative European styling to American tradition to offer high-sensitivity, high-quality apparel at reasonable prices. In addition to clothing, other products that will be presented in shops include mini-cars, dolls, and general merchandise such as fragranced candles to propose an elegant lifestyle.

Sojitz Infinity plans to market the new McGREGOR CLASSIC brand at three stores in urban shopping centers located in the Tokyo area this year and aims to expand to 80 stores and sales of 8.0 billion yen within five years. Sojitz Infinity is also considering expanding into East Asian markets, particularly in China, which is experiencing amazing growth, with the hopes of establishing McGREGOR CLASSIC as an international brand.


Overview of the New McGREGOR CLASSIC Brand

  • Basic Concept
    Create a family-oriented brand that adds European cultural tastes to the American origin brand McGREGOR to combine tradition and style.
  • Product Line Overview
    The product line will consist of select items with a focus on variety items planned in Japan with an awareness of the latest trends and those developed in Europe for import under the McGREGOR brand (such as cut and sewn items, polo shirts, and so on).
  • Brand Development Concept
    McGREGOR is a brand with a 90-year history.
    McGREGOR distinguishes itself from other brands by providing a sense of authenticity and quality. It proposes elegant lifestyles and prosperous living, and will target East Asian markets with high growth potential in the future.
  • Target
    Sex: 70% women's items
    Attributes: Customers in their 30s with families.
    Main sales outlets: SC, station buildings, online sales
  • In-store Image
    A traditional log house with a modern arrangement. A product lineup that the whole family can enjoy.

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