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Sojitz Acquires Domestic Sales Rights from U.S. Water Treatment Venture

−Sales of On-Site Chemical Generators for Supply of Safe Potable Water to Start−

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Sep. 3, 2009

Sojitz Corporation today concluded a sales agency agreement with MIOX Corporation, an Albuquerque, New Mexico based venture company, to sell MIOX’s RIO Grande on-site generator for water supply use in Japan.

Prior to concluding this agreement, Sojitz acquired the first certification for on-site generators (certification registration number shiyaku A-1) from the Japan Water Works Association’s Quality Certification Center on April 16, 2009. The RIO Grande is a device that can safely supply sodium hypochlorite, a water disinfectant, at water filtration plants, pools, spas, and other on-site locations.

The RIO Grande uses only water, electricity, and salt to generate sodium hypochlorite through electrolysis of brine with special electrodes. The RIO Grande was commercialized in 1994 and marketed by MIOX and is used in a wide range of applications including disinfection of water, sewerage, pools, and spas, beverage bottle washing, and elimination of biofilms in cooling towers. There are currently about 1,700 installations in operation around the world.

【The Process of Making Sodium hypochlorite】

Currently in Japan, sodium hypochlorite is manufactured at plants and delivered to water processing sites, but the Japan Water Works Association has recently pointed out the risks of an increase in chloric acid as a result of deterioration of the sodium hypochlorite. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has decided to tighten water quality standards for content of chloric acid. This has resulted in a reduction of the time between purchases of sodium hypochlorite by businesses, and it has become necessary to install cooling equipment in sodium hypochlorite storage areas. The RIO Grande can manufacture fresh sodium hypochlorite at sites where water is used, making it possible to supply safe water at any time.

Sojitz will put considerable effort into sales of the RIO Grande, establishing sales agencies and developing a service network in different regions where chemical generators for water supply use are needed. Sales will target water processing sites, sewage treatment plants, pools, spas, hospitals, hotels, and food manufacturers. Sojitz will also consider expanding the business by conducting sales overseas and increasing sales of related products such as environmental products.

【The RIO Grande chemical generator for water treatment use】

Features of the RIO Grande Generator

Performance Reduces generation of trihalomethane as a byproduct.
Eliminates biofilms and algae.
Inactivates various bacteria such as Legionella pneumophila.
Reduces the volume of chemical needed for pre-treatment of water.
Eliminates odors (supplies good-tasting water).
Safety Sodium hypochlorite is generated at low concentration of 0.3% (compared to a standard concentration of 12%), so handling is safe.
Uses salt as the raw material, so transport of materials is safe.
Does not require long-term storage of hazardous chemicals.
Applications Water supply and sewage, well water, pools, spas, hot springs, care facilities for the elderly, hospitals, food processing industries, cooling towers, etc.

Overview of MIOX Corporation

Representative Carlos Perea, CEO
Established 1994
Head office Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Business activities Manufacture and sale of on-site chemical generation equipment

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