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Sojitz participate jointly with Kansai in an overseas uranium enrichment business as a first Japanese enterprise

- Contribution to the stable supply of nuclear energy -

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Mar. 30, 2009

Sojitz Corporation (Sojitz) have participated jointly with The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (Kansai) in an new uranium enrichment plant (George Besse II) located in Pierrelatte, southern part of France, which is a project lead by AREVA NC (HQ: Paris), the world largest French nuclear fuel supplier. This is the first case that Japanese companies contribute to an overseas uranium enrichment business.

Through Kansai Sojitz Enrichment Investing (HQ: Paris, 20% owned by Sojitz and 80% owned by Kansai), the two companies will acquire by June 30, 2009, 2.5% of outstanding SET Holding shares (HQ: Paris, previously 95% owned by AREVA NC and 5% by GDF Suez , which HQ is in Belgium) from AREVA NC.  SET Holding is the holding company of SET (HQ: Paris, Societe d’Enrichissement du Tricastin), which own the GBII plant.


GBII plant will start its production in 2009 and reach its full capacity in 2016, up to 7.5 million SWUs. This capacity corresponds to 13% of the world demand and Georges Besse II plant will play an important role in the future world uranium enrichment market.
(SWU: Separative Work Unit, indicative used in uranium enrichment process.)

Sojitz have been engaged in nuclear fuel cycle business as an exclusive sales agent of AREVA NC in Japan from the 1970s. Nuclear power generation is focused as an environmental-friendly energy resources and its world demand is considered to increase in the future. It is also the case in Japan and its stable supply in the long term is becoming a significant issue for the Japanese Utilities and Sojitz have launched a uranium development project in Uzbekistan in cooperation with AREVA NC last year. By participating in a uranium enrichment business, which is a necessary process in the nuclear fuel cycle, we will further contribute to the stable supply of safe and environmental-friendly energy resources.

Attachment 1: Outline of the project

Outline of George Besse II (GBII) plant
1. Location
Pierrelatte, France
2. Construction plan
・Start construction: September 2006
・Start production: within 2009
3. Operation plan
・Full capacity: 2016 (7500tSWU/year)

Attachment 2: Nuclear fuel cycle


Attachment 3: Investment Scheme


Attachment 4: Outline of the company

Kansai Sojitz Enrichment Investing

Name: Kansai Sojitz Enrichment Investing
Location: 23, rue de la Paix 75002 Paris, France
Business: Investment to uranium enrichment business and other realted services
Shareholding: Kansai 80%, Sojitz 20%
Establishment: August 2008

SET Holding

Location: 33, rue Lafayette, 75009, Paris, France
Business: Owning SET shares, operation of dividends
Shareholding: AREVA NC 95%, GDF SUEZ. 5%
Establishment: April 2008


Location: 33, rue Lafayette, 75009, Paris, France
Business: Owning and operating GBII plant
Shareholding: SET Holding 100%
Establishment: December 2001


Location: 33, rue Lafayette, 75009, Paris, France
Business: Mining, sales of U3O8, natUF6, conversion services, RepU conversion services, enrichment services, fuel fabrication (MOX fuel), reprocessing, transport of nuclear fuel materials and other related services, nuclear fuel cycle related services (except for power generation)
Shareholding: AREVA 100%
Establishment: January 1976

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