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Notice concerning Announcement made today by Hyogo Police

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Feb. 3, 2008

Regarding the products made by the Tianyang Food Plant in China, which are handled by Sojitz Foods Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Hirofumi Takeda; a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sojitz Corporation), we are deeply sorry for the great anxiety and inconvenience caused to consumers, our customers and to those concerned.

In the course of cooperating with Hyogo Police, samples of 'Chuka de Gochiso Hitokuchi Gyoza' (imported and sold by JT Foods Co., Ltd.), which were sent back from JT Foods with complaints, were voluntarily submitted to the police. We were advised today by Hyogo Police that methamidophos had been detected on the outer packaging of the subject products. The facts are described as follows:

Product name

'Chuka de Gochiso Hitokuchi Gyoza' (manufactured on October 1, 2007)


December 28, 2007 A complaint notice was received from JT Foods Quality Control Department stating that 'the outside of the packaging bags were sticky and had an unusual odor'
January 7, 2008 A report was received from JT Foods Quality Control Department stating that 'the results of a taste-test showed no abnormalities'. A request was made to confirm the packaging bag problems. A report of the complaint was sent to Tianyang Food Plant, together with packaging bags from the subject product.
January 8, 2008 Products (11 bags) were received with complaints from JT Foods Quality Control Department.
January 9, 2008 Products were sent to Japan Analist Co., Ltd., which company was introduced by JT Foods, and a request was made for them to inspect the products.
January 18, 2008 Received inspection results from Japan Analist Co., Ltd.
  • On the same day, a report was sent to JT Foods Quality Control Department.
January 22, 2008 Received final inspection results from Japan Analist Co.,Ltd.
  • On the same day, a report was sent to JT Foods Quality Control Department.
February 2, 2008 Voluntarily submitted to Hyogo Police 6 bags of the products lodged with complaints, and 20 bags which had been stored by Sojitz Foods for animal quarantine.

Inspection items

Analysis of substances adhering to packaging bags

Inspection results

'The substances adhering to the packaging bags were a yellow, oil-soluble liquid and a colorless, water-soluble liquid. Although it is clear that the above liquids contained fatty acid esters and phosphate compounds, it is difficult to determine their exact composition since the substances adhering to the product were a mixture of various compounds.'

We are earnestly working to determine the cause of the problem as quickly as possible, and pray for the speedy recovery of all the consumers who suffered health problems caused by the subject products. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated. 

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