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Sojitz to Introduce Divisional Global Strategy and Management System and Change to 5 Regions of Overseas Operation

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Dec. 25, 2006

As of January 1, 2007, on which date the new fiscal year starts in overseas regions, Sojitz Corporation will introduce the divisional global strategy and management system under which its sales divisions will promote strategies on a global basis so as to reinforce and enhance the Medium-term Management Plan, 'New Stage 2008'. The company will set up 'regional units' as overseas sales organizations, and will appoint general managers of regional units.

Further, at the same time, Sojitz has reviewed its current 4 regions of overseas operation (Americas, Europe & Africa, China and Asia), and has decided to alter the system to one with 5 regions (Americas, Europe, Russia & NIS, China, Asia & Oceania, and Middle East & Africa), in order to strengthen its efforts in the Africa region with great potentiality for future development, which region has been designated as a notable region for the focused overseas market strategy.

The introduction of the 'Divisional Global Strategy and Management System' will enable the company's sales division to globally promote sales strategies based on products, customers and businesses. Sojitz will thus aim to increase the efficiency of managerial resources, and to establish an organization coupled with head office sales division and respective overseas regional sales operations.

Together with introducing the 5 regions of overseas operation, Sojitz will pursue the steady achievement of ordinary income of 100 billion yen and net income of 60 billion yen, which are the planned targets for the final year (FY2008) in the New Stage 2008 Medium-term Management Plan, and will also aim for further growth in future.   

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