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Sojitz Releases Multifunctional Shower Head 'Ionic + (plus)' for Home Use

Introduction of latest technology, highly-valued by beauty salons, for use in home shower rooms

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Jun. 28, 2006

From June 28, Sojitz Corporation will commence sales of the home-use multifunctional shower head 'Ionic + (plus)', at variety stores, beauty salons, sports clubs and major hotels throughout the country. The shower head is manufactured by Arromic Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minoo, Osaka; President: Takayasu Okubo), which develops technology unique to Arromic and manufactures products using such technology.

Clear White Model \10,500 (tax included)
'Ionic + (plus)' features the following:
(1)100 % chlorine removal with Vitamin C
The Ionic + (plus) home-use, multifunctional shower head enables, with the use of Vitamin C, the easy neutralization of residual chlorine in tap water, which residue causes damage to skin and hair. The cartridge of Vitamin C (100g) accompanying the product enables the removal of the chlorine contained in 25,000 liters of tap water. This figure is the equivalent of approximately 4 months usage for a family of four, where 200 liters of water is used per day.

(2)Reduces water use (bills) by about 50 percent
The diameter of the holes in the shower head, from which water is emitted, has been decreased by one-third compared to those of commonly used shower heads. The unit's massaging effects have been improved by tripling the number of shower head holes, and shower head holes have also been designed to prevent water from splashing. By reducing the size of the shower head holes, the Ionic + (plus) will save you about 50% on your water bill.

(3)Easy installation
Installation of the shower head requires no tools. Just turn and remove the shower head, then turn it again to attach it to the shower arm. The product comes with three types of adapter, enabling the shower head to fit almost all shower arms manufactured.

The Sojitz Group has been marketing the 'Pro Shower C' business-use shower head to the beauty and hair dressing industry, mainly in Japan and the US. The Ionic + (plus) model results from the conversion to home use of the said 'Pro Shower C' shower head. Since the launch of 'Pro Shower C' in January 2005, the cumulative units sold to the domestic beauty and hair dressing industry has exceeded 60,000, which accounts for approximately 12% of all shower units installed at beauty salons and barber shops. The 'Pro Shower C' was awarded 'The best of IBS' at the International Beauty Show held in New York from April 30 to May 2, 2006. High appraisal from the beauty and hair dressing industry is the evidence of it being an excellent shower head product.

Sales of four Ionic + (plus) models will be undertaken; the Clear White model to be sold mainly to variety shops, the Clear Pink and Clear Blue models to be sold exclusively to beauty salons, and the Pearl White model for the use at facilities such as hotels and sports clubs. The product, which sells for \10,500 (tax included), includes the shower head and a 100g vitamin C powder-filled cartridge. Sojitz aims to sell 300,000 units in the first year.

Clear Pink Model / Clear Blue Model / Pearl White Model

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