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Sojitz to Launch Ecology Sandals 'cocomods'

First of their Kind in Japan to Use Earth- and People-friendly Natural Coconut Fiber

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Mar. 23, 2006

Sojitz group company Sojitz General Merchandise Corporation (Sojitz GMC; Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Kenji Koyama), which undertakes the sale of consumer goods with distinctive characteristics, will launch ecology sandals 'cocomods' that use natural coconut fiber. The sandals, which are made from coconut fiber, will make their first appearance in Japan with sales commencing at specialty shoe stores and via mail-order from early April. Sojitz GMC aims to sell 20,000 pairs in the first year.

The 'cocomods' ecology sandals were designed and manufactured so as to enjoy the natural benefits of natural coconut fiber. They bring together durability and comfort, combined to realize the perfect footwear for the summer season. The earth- and people-friendly sandals with the new sensation ensure that the wearer will enjoy the comfort they give, as well as making them feel a sense of ecology under their feet every time the 'cocomods' sandals are worn.

060323_01.jpg In addition to their high quality and comfort,'cocomods' sandals are available in a wide variety of colors. Four designs of 'Funky mini', 'Funky beam', 'Original Africa' and 'Funky tube' are available in a total of 24 color variations.
'Original Africa' Available in sizes 23 - 28 cm; \3,800/pair
060323_02.jpg 060323_03.jpg
'Funky mini'
Available in sizes 23 - 28 cm; \3,800/pair
'Funky beam'
Available in sizes 23 - 28 cm; \4,500/pair
060323_04.jpg 060323_05.gif
'Funky tube'
Available in sizes 23 - 28 cm; \4,500/pair

The insoles of 'cocomods' sandals are made using fiber from natural coconut husks. Fibers made from coconut husks are not only robust, with excellent breathability and water repellency, but also have antibacterial and anti-odor features. Coconut fiber made from coconut husks, which husks are normally treated as waste, is the best-suited material for summer and, as it wastes no resources, is also earth-conscious.

060323_06.jpg 060323_07.jpg

Coconut fiber sheet performance experiment


Coconut fiber sheet making process

060323_08.jpg 060323_09.jpg
1) Coconut trees 2) Coconut husks
060323_10.jpg 060323_11.jpg
3) Coconut fiber broken into flakes 4) Coconut fiber pressed into sheets

Outline of Sojitz General Merchandising Corporation (GMC)

Establishmen 1967
Head office 3-3-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Kenji Koyama/President
Capital ¥450 million
Major investor Sojitz Corporation (100%)

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