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New Cartoon Show 'Bakegyamon' to be Broadcasted on TV from April 2006

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Mar. 1, 2006

 Sojitz Corporation, in partnership with Radix Ace Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Hiroshi Negishi), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wedge Holdings Co., LTD., will design and create a new cartoon show entitled 'Bakegyamon'. The cartoon show will air, starting April 3rd, every Monday evening from 6:00 to 6:30 on TV Tokyo networks.

The subject cartoon was produced, based on the comic strip of the same name, in cooperation with Kazuhiro Fujita, who created the popular comic strips 'Karakuri Circus' and 'Ushio and Tora'. Prior to its airing on TV, the series will appear as a comic story in the 'Weekly Shonen Sunday' (published by Shogakukan Inc.) to be published today (March 1st).

With 'Bakegyamon', the cartoon character business will be conducted nationwide; beginning by TV broadcasting of the animation program, and active business operations will take place involving card games, TV games and cellular phones. Sojitz, together with TV Tokyo Corporation, will conduct sales of 'Bakegyamon' to foreign countries (in the Asian region).

060301_01.jpg STORY
A monster called 'Gyamon' has been holding game sessions in a different space - that is 'Bakegyamon'.
Human children, who have been chosen and invited as 'players', fight battles using charms in which monsters are sealed, and compete with each other to get to the goal.
The first player to reach the goal, i.e. the final destination, has one wish granted.
Why does the monster 'Gyamon' invite human children to game sessions and have them compete? What is the hidden identity of 'Gyamon'? With a very strange view of the world, over 100 monster characters make a spectacular showing to fill your screen.
060301_02.jpg 060301_03.jpg

Outline of 'Bakegyamon'

Title 'Bakegyamon'
Concept work Kazuhiro Fujita
Director Hiroshi Negishi
Animation character design Tomoyuki Abe
Script Kazuho Hyodo, Yasutomo Yamada, Masaharu Amiya, Masaki Hiramatsu, Tatsuhito Higuchi and others
TV broadcasting date From April 3, 2006
every Monday evening from 6:00 to 6:30
on six networks of TV Tokyo
Comic serial From March 1, 2006
in the 'Weekly Shonen Sunday' published by Shogakukan Inc.
Copyright notation ©2006 MT'S/B'T

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