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Commercialization of ‘New Eco-Poser 530 - Minipo', a High Performance Disposer for Condominiums

Realization of the Smallest Body, and Adoption of All Stainless Steel Grinding Chamber for the First Time in the Industry

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Feb. 21, 2006

Sojitz Corporation, HASEKO Corporation and INAX Corporation have collectively added to the ‘New Eco-poser 530' series garbage disposal system for condominiums, which system boasts one of the best track records for adoption since its release in 2002, with the industry's smallest class-size high performance disposer ‘New Eco-Poser 530 - Minipo (*1)', which has been reduced in height by over 30 percent compared to existing products. Commercialization of the ‘New Eco-Poser 530 - Minipo' has recently been realized.

In addition to its compact body, the ‘New Eco-Poser 530 - Minipo' is equipped with new features such as an all stainless steel grinding chamber (*2). The product will be actively promoted to newly-built condominiums as one that serves customer needs for clean and comfortable condominiums. For a start, introduction of the ‘New Eco-Poser 530 - Minipo' is planned at newly-built condominiums in one premise in the Tokyo metropolitan area (550 housing units) and at two premises in Chiba Prefecture (940 housing units)

*1. A term coined from the word ‘mini' and ‘disposer'.
*2. All stainless steel-made, except for the vibration-proof joint part.


New Eco-Poser 530 - Minipo


  1. Kitchen storage capacity increases through the compact body and low-profile switch
    1. Adoption of a newly-developed DC brushless motor has enabled the achievement of a height of 230mm; a reduction by 105 - 155mm compared to that of existing products, and which height places it in the industry's smallest class-size (*3). Such size reduction allows for increased under-sink storage capacity, and an improved fit between kitchen cabinet drawers and the disposer.
    2. The newly-developed, 20mm thick low-profile lid switch has a slim and space-saving design. In addition, a new mechanism has been developed that enables the disposer to be started while its associated mesh basket is left attached inside.
      *3. According to INAX survey results as of January 2006.
  2. Industry's first (*4) all stainless steel grinding chamber was adopted, resulting in the prevention of mold and mildew, and in the realization of clean kitchens
    1. In response to a buildup of mold and mildew, which is expressed as a concern by 46 percent of disposer users, a stainless steel-made grinding chamber was adopted for the first time in the industry. The stainless steel grinding chamber exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, resists mold and mildew, and maintains kitchen cleanliness.
    2. A sound insulation structure was developed that combines a sound insulating material and a restricting material, in order to suppress the noise generated by garbage in contact with stainless steel. As a result, noise has been reduced by 6 decibels, compared to that of existing products.
      *4. According to survey conducted by INAX. (From survey results obtained as of May 2004.)
  3. ‘Message light' comes on when garbage grinding is complete, leading to realization of energy-saving operations
    1. A new function was added so that the disposer automatically detects the completion of garbage grinding, at which time the ‘message light' flashes. Completion of garbage grinding has to date been judged by a lowering of the grinding sound level. Grinding completion time, which differs depending on the type of garbage being ground, is notified by the disposer through the use of a light and a buzzer.
    2. Through the process of stopping the disposer and shutting off the water, followed by notification by the ‘message light', 5 tons of water per year (equivalent of 25 bathtubs of water) and 58 percent of electricity can be saved (*5), compared to operation using a one-minute timer.
      *5. Estimate results based on INAX criteria, in case of grinding 250 g of standard kitchen waste. (water volume - 8L/min., Minipo grinding time - 25 sec., bathtub capacity - 200L)

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