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Sojitz and Fuji IT to Jointly Develop ‘Food Labeling Management System'

Realization of Prompt and Accurate Product Labeling to Provide Information on Product, Food Additives and Allergenic Substances

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Feb. 17, 2006

Sojitz Corporation, in collaboration with Fuji Electric Group company Fuji IT Co., Ltd. (Head office: Akebono-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo; President: Masaharu Kawata), which is engaged in software development, will develop and market a ‘Food Labeling Management System' that automatically makes complex food ingredient labels for food manufacturers and food retailers. The ‘Food Labeling Management System' centrally controls information related to a food manufacturers' products, such as compound recipes, ingredients, food additives and allergenic substances, and makes product labeling details automatically, with the objective of realizing the accurate product labeling and streamlining of operations issues that food manufacturers are facing. Sojitz and Fuji IT aims to sell 20 sets per year in total and to achieve sales of approximately 300 million yen.

Due to recent outbreaks of bird flue and BSE, and issues concerning various types of false labeling and residual agricultural chemicals, food manufacturers are required to conduct more accurate product information management than ever and to promote further information disclosure. To date, printing on ingredient labels has been done manually, which has resulted in transcription failures and incorrect declarations. The ‘Food Labeling Management System', however, enables programming of various food product labeling rules, such as those on allergenic substances and food additives, and automatic generation of printing contents that will be declared on ingredient labels. Thus, the system prevents transcription failures and incorrect declarations from occurring. In the midst of strong consumer desire for confidence in food safety, the ‘Food Labeling Management System' is the best suited system for labeling creation for all food items, including boxed lunches, prepared side dishes and bread.


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