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Launch of ‘plu*e' Brand White Day Limited Edition Pendant Sale of Jewelry Designed by Top Manicurist Eriko Kurosaki to Commence from February 15

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Feb. 13, 2006

Sojitz Group company Sojitz Jewelry Co., Ltd. (Head office: Higashi Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Kazuma Ito), which company is engaged in the manufacture and wholesaling of precious metal jewelry and the development of in-house jewelry brands, will release the ‘plu*e' brand jewelry, white day limited edition pendant produced by top manicurist Eriko Kurosaki. Sales of the pendant, in a limited quantity of 300, will commence nationwide on February 15 at approximately 130 stores specializing in retail sales.

The white day limited edition is a limited version of an asymmetrical open heart pendant, which is a popular ‘plu*e' standard item, with its colors changed to mixture of pink and clear. Its spring colors are just like those found in candies, and the pendant is a perfect gift to send in return for a Valentine's Day gift. In addition, the package gift-wrapping will come with a round hand mirror set in an original pink leather design.

Tax-included price: \15,750 including a round hand mirror Materials: Pendant/silver, cubic zirconium; Mirror/leather Pendant length: adjustable to two lengths; 40cm and 37cm Finish: Rhodium coated to prevent discoloration

Profile of Eriko Kurosaki

President, Nail Salon Createur Reveal
President, Eriko Kurosaki Nail Beauty College

Eriko Kurosaki is one of the world's top manicurists, both in name and in reality. Her remarkable artistic ability in nail design, not merely in technique but also in her outstanding sense of art, has gained the overwhelming support of people as can be seen from the popularity of ‘Eriko Nail'. Rather than being constrained by the boundaries of being a ‘manicurist', her excellent creativity attracts attention from other business fields, and she plays an important role in a broad range of activities including jewelry production.

On February 11 at Omotesando Hills, which is the focus of interest, her sixth nail salon 'Createur Reveal Omotesando Hills' was opened, along with the ‘Eriko Kurosaki Nail Beauty College Omotesando Hills'.

Eriko Kurosaki

Outline of Sojitz Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Establishment 1989
Head office 5-1-5 Higashi Ueno, Taito-Ku, Tokyo
Representative Kazuma Ito/President
Capital ¥209 million
Major capital investor Sojitz Corporation (83%)

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