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EBISTRADE, INC. to Make Inroads into Female Customer-conscious 'Car Esthetic' Business

Jul. 11, 2003

TOKYO(as of July 11, 2003)-- EBISTRADE, INC. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshiharu Terai), which operates the 'Mantannet Dot. Com' service station management support website, will provide the female customer-conscious car maintenance service 'Car Esthetic' to service stations.

'Mantannet Dot. Com' has already began to provide over 500 member service stations with such services as station development consulting and paint/sheet metal light processing operations. The company has undertaken the 'Car Esthetic' service, as a new business, wherein cars can be touched up from their very foundation, instead of providing car services piecemeal.

The number of female drivers is increasing year by year, however, traditional service stations have male-conscious designs, and are likely to project a mechanical and rough atmosphere. 'Mantannet Dot. Com' will create a delicate shop-like atmosphere, which will be familiar to female customers.

The 'Car Esthetic' service provides not only unique station designs and original products, but also advice concerning know-how such as 'service manner' for and 'sales approaches' to female customers and will further advance its unique consulting business using the keywords 'Even cars want to look beautiful!'.

EBISTRADE sees service stations as the end user contact points, and offers various information. In addition, the company will support its clients in creating profit-earning gas stations by absorbing consumer needs, make service station management more profitable, and will revive service stations across the nation.

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