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NIAC to be solely responsible for the Japanese sales of 'Magic Card', a PC maintenance tool

Jan. 21, 2003

TOKYO(January 21, 2003)--Nissho Iwai American Corporation (President and CEO: Teruo Matsumura), a U.S. RHMC(Regional Holding & Management Company) of Nissho Iwai Corporation headquartered in New York, has monopolized the Japanese sales of the PC maintenance tool Magic Card developed by Rogev Computer Ltd. (General Manager: Roni Hazani), an Israel-based company with advanced security and recovery technologies, and will start selling it via Benchmark Labs Corporation (President and CEO: Yasuyuki Nagai) headquartered in Koto-ku, Tokyo from February 1.

'Magic Card' is a board for protecting data stored on your hard disk from a variety of problems that may occur on your PC. Simply restarting your PC can recover the following errors: application software or a file has been deleted by mistake, a hard disk has been formatted accidentally, data has been erased by a virus, a system has suddenly failed to function, or the OS has encountered some unexpected trouble.

'Magic Card' is easy to handle. Inserting 'Magic Card' into the PCI slot of your desktop PC and pressing the Enter key completes the installation, it is a plug-and-play card. After this, restarting your PC returns it to its previous state. This means that anyone, even with no knowledge of computers, can easily and quickly maintain his/her PC, though it is conventionally time-consuming work requiring special expertise.

Since 'Magic Card' can protect the hard disk of any PC from trouble, such as accidental file deletion, tampering harmful to OS, and viruses, it is very suitable to environments where many people can use a single PC freely, such as schools, libraries, PC-training classrooms, Internet cafes, showrooms, support centers, and offices. In cooperation with leading system integration business companies Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. and TIS Inc. and given a dealership, Benchmark Labs plans sales of four hundred million yen in the first year and one billion yen in the second year.  

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