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NISSHO IWAI MACHINERY SYSTEM CORP. to Commence Sales of Disused Automobile Shredding Material Recycle Plant

Jul. 31, 2002

TOKYO(July 31,2002)--Nissho Iwai Machinery System Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nissho Iwai Corporation, has been granted the exclusive agency rights for Japan, to sell the world's first Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR) material recycling plant developed by Salyp N.V. ( of Belgium, and will promote domestic sales, bearing in mind the Automobile Recycling Law which will become effective in April 2004.

Unlike popular final ASP treatment processes, such as landfill and/or incineration, this process is rather environmental-friendly and does not cause heat emission or generate green house gases. This process enables the separation and extraction of fractions out of the ASR stream in accordance with the constituents contained. Such separated and extracted fractions that are recovered have value as raw materials or resources for consequent re-processing. This is the first technology to have realized so-called "material recycling" from ASR.

In the Netherlands, a large-scale recycling facility for ASR (a so-called ELV center) is scheduled to be completed in the middle of 2003. In that facility, the main technology to be adopted is that of Salyp, and material recycling of ASR will start at the first ELV center with a domestic capacity of 20,000 ton/yr. Further centers have been planned with the same concept. Eventually, ASR throughout the country will be processed utilizing Salyp technology. This may provide a significantly important guideline to people worldwide who are concerned with and/or engaged in the treatment of ASR using environmental friendly ASR recycling systems.

Nissho Iwai Machinery System Corp. (NIMS) has immediately addressed the "Automobile Recycling Law", which legislation was passed in Parliament last month. NIMS has now started promotion of Salyp technology and plant, both to public/private sector bodies such as governmental institutes, local governments, and automobile manufactures and shredders who shall take responsibilities under the law.

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