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EBISTRADE, INC. Commences Sales of a Tracking Management System

Jul. 29, 2002

TOKYO(July 29,2002)--EBISTRADE, INC. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Ryoji Terai;, a new business incubator of the Nissho Iwai Group, will commence sales of the "Industrial Waste Treatment Tracking Management System" developed by Earth Design International, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Hideki Tsukamoto), targeting companies such as industrial waste producing major manufacturers, and make an entry into environmental business.

The remaining volume of waste that can be received by final waste disposal facilities (landfills) in Japan is approx. 183.94 million m3, which is approx. 3.7 year's worth of capacity. The government has begun making genuine efforts to solve this issue, and has promulgated laws and regulations such as the Designated Household Appliance Recycling Law. Under such circumstances, the government has started providing industrial waste producers with guidance as "Clarification of the Producer Responsibility", pertaining to 1) Control of waste generation, 2) Recycling of resources and 3) Initiative-taking in appropriate treatment, and waste producers such as manufacturers have become fully responsible for waste treatment and management.

As stipulated in the Industrial Waste Disposal Law, producers must take responsibility handling their own industrial waste. Although commissioning the process to specially authorized "industrial waste processors" is allowed, in the event of illegal dumping of waste being brought to light, such irregularity will be the responsibility of the waste producer. The result is that companies are required to "establish an appropriate treatment route" and "have a clear grasp of the actual treatment situation".

Focusing attention on this point, EBISTRADE has decided to undertake provision of a management system for business realization, and an intermediary business for the promotion of recycling, so that waste producers can cope with the national scale movement that is quickly advancing. Sales of the "Industrial Waste Treatment Tracking Management System" are the central core of such undertaking.

The "Industrial Waste Treatment Tracking Management System" manages the intermediate treatment of industrial waste, by combining a global positioning system (GPS) with image data obtained with digital cameras. Using GPS and digital cameras, the system has control over load condition information, and the traveling paths of vehicles used for collecting/transporting waste. Managing the entire process through information technology (IT), enables rationalization and automation of operations such as compiling business records, allowing one to easily prepare administrative reports and so on. Industrial waste processors who cooperate in the system operation are automatically considered as excellent processors detached from illegal abandonment, leading to their differentiation from other companies.  

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