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Completion of the "Electronic Seal System", an Authentication Tool Evolved From Seals

Jul. 22, 2002

TOKYO(July22,2002)--Shachihata Inc., WACOM CO., Ltd. and Nissho Iwai Corporation have developed an "Electronic Seal System (tentatively called "Shachihata e-9 on TABLET")" in a project which was undertaken jointly by the three companies, will introduce the system to Niimi -City , Okayama (Mayor: Masao Ishigaki) and undertake a demonstration test.

Shachihata will form a technical tie-up with WACOM, the world's biggest graphics tablet manufacturer, and the two companies will work together to develop products with built-in IC chips, the "electromagnetic induction-type tablets" for which WACOM holds the international patent, and to manufacture related software. Shachihata and Nissho Iwai will sign a sales tie-up and jointly carry out sales activities for the "Electronic Seal System".

The demonstration test, which will be conducted in collaboration with Niimi-City, covers the computerized " business trip orders/travel expense claims" used within Niimi city hall. The system is characterized by the "electronic seal" being used throughout the entire process, beginning with individual authentication and the creation and administration of orders, through to approvals. The new system is much easier to handle, compared to the conventional computerized settlement system.

The "electronic seal" used by the "Electronic Seal System" is an electronic device which has the same shape as traditional seals. The "electronic seal" allows one to place a seal on an electronic document by affixing a seal on a tablet (seal stamp pad) attached to a PC. The tablet used is an "electromagnetic induction-type", for which WACOM holds the international patent.

By taking the cap off of the "electronic seal", it can be used as a regular seal for papers. The "electronic seal" has a combination of practicability and convenience, as it also serves as a mouse, enabling an easy PC operation.

Sales of the "Electronic Seal System" will be undertaken from November. Scheduled sales are for 100,000 sets during the first fiscal year and 1,000,000 sets in the third year, mainly targeting companies and local government offices. 

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