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Receives Order for Construction of the Largest Cement Plant in Yemen

Jun. 24, 2002

TOKYO(June24,2002)--Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (IHI) and Nissho Iwai Corporation received an order for the expansion of a large-scale cement plant with production capacity of 3,300 tons/day (1 million tons per year) for the Amran Factory of the Yemen General Corporation for the Manufacturing and Marketing of Cement (YCC), a state enterprise in Yemen, and signed the contract on June 22. The order volume is approx. 18 billion yen and, upon the completion of expansion at the end of 2004, this cement plant will become the largest in Yemen.

The contract covers a series of facilities; from crusher and mixing equipment, raw material silos for the "raw material proportioning process", clinker burning equipment, cooler, clinker silos and cement dispatch facilities for the "clinker burning process", to power generation units, all on a full turnkey basis including design, manufacture, procurement, installation work, trial running and operational training.

In 1982, IHI and Nissho Iwai delivered a cement plant with a production capacity of 1,700 tons/day to the Amran Factory of YCC. Furthermore, in 1992, the companies delivered a cement plant of the same class to the Mafraq Factory of YCC. Together with the factory currently to be constructed, the total production volume will be 6,700 tons/day (2 million tons per year), which will account for approx. 90 percent of the country's production volume of 7,600 tons/day (2.2 million tons per year). Annual demand for cement in Yemen is approx. 3.2 million tons, and the volume of cement produced domestically will double from the current approx. 1 million tons to 2 million tons, which will satisfy approx. 60 percent of the local demand.

Factors leading to the conclusion of this contract were; the high level of technology and product reliability of IHI, with its record of deliveries to over 100 worldwide locations, and its history of cement production facility construction in the Middle East (Oman and Sharjah), which were highly evaluated, and the fact that Nissho Iwai, the only Japanese company with a local representative stationed in Yemen, cooperated with the government of Yemen in activities through diplomatic channels. 

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