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RINKU Premium Outlets are to Scale Up and Open in the Largest Outlet Shopping Center in Japan next Spring

Oct. 11, 2001

TOKYO(Oct. 11, 2001)--Chelsea Japan Co. Ltd, which was established by three companies, The Nissho Iwai Corporation, Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd and the outlet mall specialist developer, Chelsea Japan Co. Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. President: Takuo Kato), has decided on establishing more "RINKU Premium Outlets", which has been running in Izumisano-shi, Osaka, on the opposite bank of Kansai International Airport. 

The total area of the outlets in the shopping mall to be opened in March 2002, after the completion of the expansion, will be 23,605 square meter from the current 16,860 square meter, and the total number of outlets will be 121 outlets; 40 more outlets from the current 81 outlets. The outlet area as well as numbers will be scaled up, and it would be the birth of a new largest outlet shopping centre in Japan, which would be larger than the currently largest outlet shopping mall in Japan by far, the "Gotemba Premium Outlets" (22,000 square meter), which Chelsea Japan runs in Gotembashi, Shizuoka Prefecture. 

Approximately 35% of the 40 outlets to be newly added at the RINKU "Premium Outlets" are to open an outlet in Japan for the first time, and approximately 75% will be branching out their outlets into the Kansai district for the first time, but there are plenty of popular domestic and foreign clothing and household goods brand names in Japan. 

The "Premium Outlets" that are developed by the American Chelsea Property Group Inc. are the full scale outlet specialist shopping center, which were perfected in the United States. The Premium Outlets in which all outlets of the world famous brands directly open shop, is a completely new style born in the United States, and is characterised by a shopping experience that could be enjoyed all day long in a non-ordinary environment. Chelsea Japan Co. Ltd opened the "Gotemba Premium Outlets" on July 13 2000, and the "RINKU Premium Outlets" on November 23 the same year, but the shopping experience offered by the "Premium Outlets", which is a rank above, has been successful, and both sites have had record numbers of visitors since their opening. 

Three-million was the target number of visitors set up by "RINKU Premium Outlets" since their opening, but they have recorded over Four-million visitors in 10 months, and have greatly exceeded the target number already. On the other hand, the "Gotemba Premium Outlets" had also set up their target number of visitors to two-million for the first year since their opening, but due to the cumulated synergy effect of the sightseeing season such as summer holiday, good weather, and also Mt. Fuji's opening for the mountaineering season, after recording 800-thousand visitors in the first half year, they cleared their annual target number of two-million in two months, and ultimately achieved over six-million visitors, which is three times their target number. Both sites had set up their target annual sales to \1.5-Million Yen, but the "Gotemba Premium Outlets" have achieved \Three-Million Yen, which is twice the target amount, and the "RINKU Premium Outlets" is estimated to achieve their target sales in under a year. 

By taking advantage of the success of both sites, Chelsea Japan Co. Ltd, is planning to newly develop about 10 sites starting with North Kanto, Nagoya, Kyushu and others. Moreover, they are also aiming for the early expansion of the "Gotemba Premium Outlets". 

Condition for site selection:

・The space for opening the outlet is normally decided by the brand holder, but many brands prefer a site that is uncompetitive (at a certain distance) to inner-city full-price shops.

・Therefore, a certain distance (about 100km; 90 minutes) is required for the outlets so that they would not clash with inner-city full-price shops

・Chelsea Japan Co. Ltd has selected sites that are conveniently located despite their distances from the inner-city , and specifically sites that are within easy reach of interchanges such as express highways and main highways, and also with good train and bus services.

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