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Nissho Iwai and Nippon Steel Jointly Receive an Order for Large Flue Gas Cleaning System for Pohang Iron and Steel

Sep. 25, 2001

TOKYO (Sep.25, 2001)-- Nissho Iwai Corporation and Nippon Steel Corporation have received an order for a set of Flue Gas Cleaning System (2 systems) for Pohang Iron and Steel Company Ltd. (POSCO) in collaboration with Korea's Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.. Nissho Iwai and Nippon Steel will take on the responsibilities of delivering the entire engineering and main facilities, and dispatch of instructors, and Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction will carry out the delivery and installation work of the products in Korea, and dispatch of instructors. This would be the first large scale environmental protection system to be installed at POSCO, which is focusing on environmental improvement.

The Flue Gas Cleaning System ordered this time has the disposal capacity of 1.35 Million CBM per hour per unit, and a unit each will be delivered to Pohang Iron and Steel's Pohang Works - No.3/4 Sinter Plants (facility for burning and solidifying fine iron ore). The work will commence from the end of August 2002, and their operation is scheduled from May 2004. 

The system removes nitrogen oxides (Nox) from the flue gas produced by the sinter plant for iron making, sulfur oxideiSOx j, dioxin, dusts and so on, and moving bed dry process based on activated char, developed by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. has been employed as the flue gas' cleaning method. With this system many toxic substances can be removed simultaneously, and as it is compact, it does not require a lot of facility space. Moreover, its feature is that the activated carbon that has absorbed hazardous substances is sent to the regenerator, and after being processed at high temperature, is then cooled and recycled. 

Nowadays that environmental problems on a global scale have become an issue, POSCO is putting most of its effort into environmental improvement measures, and the introduction of the Flue Gas Cleaning System for Sinter Plant this time is positioned as its most significant part. 

Nissho Iwai and Nippon Steel have successively received orders jointly for Coke Dry Quenching Plant and Bloom Caster for POSCO before, and the order for the Flue Gas Cleaning System this time follows those previous orders. As Nippon Steel and Pohang Iron and Steel are in strategic alliance, business will continue to be developed from perspective of the company with regards to Pohang Iron and Steel, and will strive to actively expand orders. 

About Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd. (Formerly known as Korea Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.) 
Head Office: Guygok-Dong, Chnagwon, Gyeongnam, Korea 555
Turnover: Approximately 2.4 Trillion Won (Approximately \231 Billion Yenj. 
Number of employees: 6,330 

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