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Offering Medium and Small Sized Logistics Company a One-Stop Procurement at Competitive prices

Sep. 13, 2001

TOKYO(Sep.13, 2001)--eBis Trade Inc. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Managing Director: Kenichiro Furuya), which is a Nissho Iwai group incubator targeting the building of the new industrial structure, has opened its e-commerce site which concentrates on the procurement of logistic materials.

The sales of logistic materials using the internet will be developed in turn for the transport and warehousing industries at "". By inviting inquiries from the country's medium and small sized transport and warehousing industries widely by utilizing the internet's attributes, it will be realizing moderate price buying of major industry standards. As well as inducing the use of IT in medium and small sized industries through offering an inexpensive procurement method, it will be indirectly supporting the transport and warehousing industries' management efficiency.

As its first step, it will begin the sale of light oil for the transport industry which has Int-tank. This is a service in which quotations can be acquired and ordered easily using the Internet, and its coverage area is the whole of Japan (Excluding some isolated islands). Because it handles products by domestic wholesalers and shipment by oil refineries, the quality is also ensured. 

Outline of the light oil sales service:
● Subject industry : Transport companies which have the In-tank.
● Purchase unit: Minimum of over 10KL(10,000 literjand in units of ‚QKL units.
● Terms of settlement: Advance payment to be made 2 days prior to delivery.
● Delivery address : Specified address.
● Business Hours: Weekdays Monday through Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00
● Delivery area: Throughout Japan (Excluding some isolated islands)

As well as transmitting transport industry related news daily by the tie-up with the industry's blue-chip newspaper company, it acquires customers by affiliating widely with the transport related site operating company at "".

Besides expanding its products from cardboard box, plastic palette, plastic container and other packaging materials in the manner of continuing to meet user demands, it will be offering one-stop procurement services by also introducing transport related insurance.

About eBis Trade Inc.
It is a strategic joint venture of Nissho Iwai Corporation and NTT-X Inc. It is a new business incubator which uses IT. Besides building and managing the electronics markets, it also handles commissioned business of consulting systems. It has many achievements in inter-industry e-commerce such as the paper industry's first e-market place,

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