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NITEC CORP. to Begin Sales of Solid System for Fly-Ash Displaying a Reliable Treatment for a Safe Environment

Aug. 27, 2001

TOKYO(August 27, 2001)--The NITEC CORPORATION (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo. President: Sukeyoshi Watanabe. Capital: 260 Million Yen, 03-5614-2290, 100% capital injection by Nissho Iwai Corp.) will begin the sales of the "Non-Leachable Solid System for Fly-ash from Incineration Plant and Ash Melting Furnace" manufactured by CHIYODA TECHNICAL & INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. President: Kenichi Yamashita. Capital: 160 Million Yen, 03-3861-6341). 

(2) The "Non-Leachable Solid System for Fly-ash from Incineration Plant and Ash Melting Furnace" is the system to prevent leaching by the treatment of mixing chemicals with incinerated or melted fly-ash (see "additional memo" below) which contain toxic substance or heavy metals generated in incineration facilities, and enables safe and low-cost detoxification treatment of incinerated or melted fly-ash. The sales will be introduced to local authorities which own incineration facilities or private firms which own incinerators or melting furnace, and they are targeting annual order of approximately one Billion Yen (About 15 systems). 

The "Non-Leachable Solid System for Fly-ash from Incineration Plant and Ash Melting Furnace" is a consistent fully automatic system combining chemical storage tank, mixing machine (calls Omni Mixer) to bunker for solids, and crystallized minerals are formed by promoting a reaction by mixing the powdered inorganic chemicals, called Chiyo Clean, with fly-ash evenly with the "Omni Mixer" mixing machine. As a result, the toxic heavy metals are incorporated in to the crystallized minerals, and remain in a stable condition to prevent the leaching of heavy metals for a long period. The "Omni Mixer" used in the heart of this system was developed by the technical tie-up of CHIYODA TECHNICAL & INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. and the American Gar-Bro Mfg., and unlike the conventional mixer, it is of an innovative structure without the use of an agitator, suited to a wide ranging conditions of materials with extremely different densities, enabling ideal even mixing and granulation. 

Additional Memo:
The leaching fly-ash is designated as general waste subject to special control, and unless detoxification treatment of toxic substance or heavy metals contained in the fly-ash is carried out, it cannot be disposed in the final dumping place. 
For instance, "Lead (Pb) concentration" needs to be controlled at under 0.3mg/L, the emissions level regulation for leaching heavy metals. 

Regarding NITEC Corporation:
It is a company started up by the integration of the former NITEC Corp. and Nissho Iwai Cheminac Tokyo Corp. in October 2000, and its core business is the sales transaction of medium and small size plant and single equipment.  

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