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Nissho Iwai Corporation Forms Advisory Board

Jun. 26, 2001

TOKYO (June 26, 2001)--Nissho Iwai Corporation will form an Advisory Board on July 1 in order to receive, from external sources, impartial suggestions and advice transcending the boundaries of its industry, regarding management policy, remuneration and performance evaluation of the president, and courses of action concerning his position, as well as performance evaluation and remuneration systems for directors. Formation of the Advisory Board is aimed at introducing diversified values and objectivity into management, in order to further increase corporate transparency. The Advisory Board will consist of four members: three from external corporations and Shiro Yasutake, President of Nissho Iwai Corporation. 

Advisory Board Members;

Yotaro Kobayashi - Chairman of the Board and Representative Director, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. 
Glen Fukushima - President, Cadence Design Systems, (Japan) B.V.
Yoshimasa Nishimura - Professor, Waseda University
Shiro Yasutake - President, Nissho Iwai Corporation

Regular Advisory Board meetings are scheduled to be held twice a year, in July and February, and extraordinary meetings will be held as the occasion demands.  

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