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NITEC CORPORATION launches on the marketing and sales of a waste plastics separation and recycling system

- as part of its effort to boost its environmentally friendly recycling business

Apr. 17, 2001

NITEC CORPORATION has begun the marketing and sales of the "PLACEN ACE" Plastics separation and Recycling System, which NITEC has developed in a joint effort with Miike Iron Works Co., Ltd. and Tomoe Engineering Co., Ltd.

The "PLACEN ACE" system, which has been developed with Miike Iron Works doing the engineering and Tomoe Engineering taking up the machinery designing and manufacturing and with NITEC acting as the sole marketing and sales agent, is expected to have about two billion, or ten units, in the fist year sales.

The Containers and Package Recycling Law, which went into effect in June 1995, makes it obligatory to recycle and reuse the general type of waste plastics. The newly developed waste plastics recycling system sorts out and recovers many different plastics in waste materials. Its sorting-out process uses the differences in densities of plastic materials. It is a "wet type" process that uses water in the separation process, effectively washing the waste plastics in the process. 

This new system of great precision and high efficiency makes it possible to separate those plastic materials, such as polypropylene and polyethylene from polyvinyl chloride as mixtures of the three, which used to be hard to sort out effectively. Not only that, this system can also sort out expanded polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride, which have widely different densities, from their mixture and also polyethylene and other plastics from PET bottles, so as to meet dedicated uses. The "PLACEN ACE"system, which reproduces high-quality secondary plastic materials, would go a long way toward promoting recycling and ultimately toward protecting the environment. 

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