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Nissho Iwai, jointly with Nippon Steel, wins a contract to renovate Kure No. 2 furnace of Nissin Steel

Apr. 17, 2001

Teaming with Nippon Steel Corporation (headed by the CEO CHIHAYA Akira), Nissho Iwai Corporation has gotten a contact for the repair work of Kure No. 2 Furnace of Nissin Steel Co., Ltd. 

The repair work and its process which were offered jointly by Nissho Iwai and Nippon Steel for Nisshin Steel's consideration are meant to do the most appropriate renovation of such iron making systems or structures as furnace cooling systems, furnace bottom bricks, and automatic iron casting floors while making the most of Nisshin Steel's existing furnace facilities. This combination of repair work and process is highly regarded for its good economy and its high level of engineering work, having helped us to win this contract.

This repair work is the fifth one for the furnace, with its newly renovated facilities expected to start being fired toward November to resume operation. On completion, it will have an expanded inner capacity of 2,080 cubic meters as compared with the present 1,650 cubic meters, promising significantly more efficient steel production.  

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