Sojitz Corporation


Announcing the Plan to Establish a Joint B2B E-Commerce Firm "ChipOneStop" for Semiconductors and Electronics Parts.

Apr. 2, 2001

The six companies of Nissho Iwai Corporation, EBISTRADE, Inc., GLQ Entrepia, Inc. (headquartered in New York), ZUKEN Inc., OMRON LOGISTIC CREATE Co., Ltd., and KAGA ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd. have agreed that they create a jointly owned electronic commerce firm "ChipOneStop" to operate a B2b website ( semiconductors and electronics parts. In the meantime, simultaneously with the setting up of "ChipOneStop," ZUKEN Inc. is going to set up a portal site"Electrade" ( meant for electronics equipment designers. 

To be an established presence as a one-stop site in the electronics business that provides solutions for both electronic parts buyers and electronics equipment designers, the two sites, ChipOneStop and Electrade, together, will begin offering their services toward the end of April. 

As a solution provider, ChipOneStop makes it possible to fill urgent small requirements for semiconductors and electronics parts; the users can instantaneously search out what they want, with the whole ranges of goods enlisted through alliances with semiconductors [and parts] traders at home and abroad, with useful data bases specially developed of [electronics] parts, with effective ways used to attend to the customers, with the one-to-one marketing method applied using the Internet, and with alliances developed with electronics parts and information contents firms.

It is also possible to have ChipOneStop do the procurement for electric appliances makers and for electronics parts traders. All this would help ensure procuring urgently needed small requirements for parts, thereby reducing lost chances of producing end products and preventing delays in putting on the market new products. Also it is made possible to ensure effective procurement of those parts and components in small quantities which are required for trial runs during designing & development work. 

"Electrade" is a free-of-charge membership website meant for electronics equipment designers, letting site members peruse the information content for free. Which includes what ZUKEN used to offer for a fee, such as parts information retrieve and reference services, at the library center, thereby giving the site members access to tools for automatically generating CAD library data by special compiler software and for doing parts editing programs. Also it is easy to log in on "ChipOneStop" from "Electrade" when it becomes necessary to procure parts. 

The outsourcing service, which draws on abundant data base of ZUKEN users, enables you to search out suppliers that can provide such services as library building, designing and manufacturing, making it possible to choose ones you like and to have two or more give you their estimates, all at one stop. 

Furthermore, ChipOneStop will work to offer a complete line of such information, services, and products as electronics equipment designers may need, and thereby to come to stay as a comprehensive portal site in the electronics business. 

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