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Riskmonster.Com and the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry agree to have a business alliance on a business site

Mar. 28, 2001

The credit exposure management service firm Riskmonster.Com (headed by the CEO Kazuhiko Sugiyama), of which Nissho Iwai is a major shareholder, and the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) are working in an alliance in which Riskmonster and its service offerings are to be advertised and promoted on a business site being operated by the OCCI.

Drawing on the expertise in business credit exposure accumulated from Nissho Iwai's trading activity and making the most of Japan's largest business data provided by Tokyo Shoko Research Ltd.,Riskmonster offers support services for credit exposure management and for loan management mostly via the Internet, whereas OCCI has been operating "The Business mall" ( since August 1999 in alliance with other chambers of commerce and industry to alleviate the digital divides between big businesses and small- and medium-sized businesses which are growing with the increasing use of IT by businesses. As of now, the electronic mall enlists about 100 chambers of commerce and industry and other commercial and industrial associations across Japan and features the data of about 230,000 businesses registered.

With business failures expected to grow, credit exposure management services for businesses are likely to have fast-increasing needs. Working with "The Business mall", Riskmonster aims to increase the number of member businesses and offer them inexpensive and concise credit exposure management services so that Riskmonster may help activate trading activities between businesses as a nationwide e-credit department for small and medium-sized firms in Japan. 

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