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Nissho Iwai is setting up a joint sales company in Singapore to reinforce its discrete semiconductor business prowesss

Mar. 18, 2001

To strengthen their discrete semiconductor business prowess, the Nissho Iwai group and Digital Semiconductor Co., Limited of Hong Kong, a discrete semiconductor producer, have agreed to jointly establish "Discrete Association PTE Limited," a firm which engages in sales and marketing of discrete semiconductor chips and wafers such as diodes and transistors. The new company is projected to have three billion yen in first-year sales and 17 billion yen in the third year of operation.

Nissho Iwai, which has been eagerly pursuing the discrete semiconductor business in Asia over the years, is desirous of strengthening its business prowess in light of the world's growing demand for these products, whereas Digital Semiconductor is desirous of further expanding its sales in the Asian region. In view of the common interests, the two companies have agreed to jointly set up this new company.

Discrete Association PTE Limited to be newly created in Singapore which is the central market for discrete semiconductors in Asia, will supply to home electric appliances and electrical machinery & appliances makers operating in many parts of Asia by means of contract manufacturing and cooperative product development in addition to their sales effort for conventional semiconductor chips and wafers.

By gradually adding to its product lines products of other suppliers than Digital Semiconductor,Discrete Association PTE Limited will offer not only conventional support to the customer but also a new kind of wide-ranging comprehensive customer support in their sales and procurement efforts by building up an electronic market type of platform.

Ebistrade, Inc. will be among the shareholders of Discrete Association, providing the new company with the expertise on building and operating a platform for Asia's discrete semiconductor markets.

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