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LECREX CO., LTD. will support new products being offered by NIPPONKOA Insurance Co., Ltd.

Mar. 15, 2001

Credit exposure management consulting firm, LECREX CO., LTD., as one of Nissho Iwai's subsidiaries of credit service, has agreed with NIPPONKOA Insurance Co., Ltd., the company which is to start anew on April 1 following the merger between Koa Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. and Nippon Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd., that LECREX and NIPPONKOA Insurance will work in an alliance in which LECREX gives support to NIPPONKOA Insurance on business credit exposure management in connection with the newly offered insurance product "business credit insurance with signaling services" 

While the need grows for insurance against the risk of bad loans resulting from business failure, the conventional business credit insurances mostly charge too high insurance premiums to find many insurance buyers, making them functionally insufficient to ensure ample support for the overall credit exposure management.

This newly offered one is a new type of credit insurance product with intricately differentiated risks so designed that the limit of the insured credit amount varies according to the credit standing of the business account as the loanee or debtor, making it possible to take out credit insurance with a loanee or debtor with a relatively high credit exposure risk. LECREX will fully back up the "business portfolio management service" newly offered by NIPPONKOA Insurance. Drawing on the expertise that it has accumulated over the years, LECREX will provide helpful advice with credit exposure management for the insured, making it possible to design more fine-tuned credit insurance as compared with the conventional credit insurances and also to offer loaning support services which are much in demand.

The support services LECREX offers include giving the credit insurance buyer such useful information & intelligence as is obtained of each of the business accounts as the debtors through the insurance's own information & intelligence gathering network as "signaling services" so as to help, in an appropriate manner, the insured review and up-date the credit limit and the maximum amount insured for the debtor. LECREX may also offer such insurance and related support services directly to those who need much more fine-tuned credit exposure management. 

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