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Nissho Iwai integrates its Meat & Livestock and Horticultural Businesses and makes them part of a separate independent operation

Mar. 13, 2001

Nissho Iwai integrates the Meat & Livestock and Horticultural Businesses now being operated byNissho Iwai itself, its wholly owned company Nissho Iwai Delica Corporation and City Food's Inc., and transfers the businesses to Nissho Iwai Meat and Agri-Products Corporation (NIMA of Kawasaki, Kanagawa prefecture, presided over by Kenichi Hikosaka) which will be established on April 1, 2001.

While Nissho Iwai itself has been handling the import & export business of meat and livestock (mostly cattle meat), City Food's has been engaged in the wholesales of beef and pork and Nissho Iwai Delica has been handling the wholesales of chicken and "delica food materials." These existing food businesses which have been conducted by the three over the years are integrated into NIMA as the business operating base to ensure synergistic effect and also to help build a system for speedier product development to dedicatedly meet the customer's needs and wants by handling the entire lines of meat & livestock ranging from import business development to domestic marketing and retailing.

The business for horticultural seeds, cut flowers, seedlings, and hay as cattle feed, which has been handled so far by Nissho Iwai itself, will also be transferred to NIMA, which would work harder to expand the entire business of horticultural products not only for import from abroad but for export and offshore trade as well and to ensure, with the help of increased human resources, much more dedicated and fine-tuned customer services meeting their increasingly diverse needs and wants.

NIMA after this integration is expected to have annual sales of 63 billion yen, 161 employees, and a capital of 1,218 million yen, which is 20 to 30 percent owned by the company's 10 to 15 major business accounts with the rest owned by Nissho Iwai itself. This would make it possible for the new companyNIMA to make the most of Nissho Iwai's trading functions and its networks of overseas operating bases and human resources and thereby to meet the customer's requirements in a speedier and more fine-tuned manner with the help of expanded domestic wholesale & retailing networks the new company will develop.  

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