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Sojitz at a Glance

Sojitz Group consists of approximately 400 subsidiaries and affiliates located in Japan and throughout the world, developing wide-ranging general trading company operations in a multitude of countries and regions.

(As of June 30, 2020)

Number of Branches & Offices Domestic 5 (Including the Head Office) Overseas 81
Number of Subsidiaries and Affiliates Domestic 126 Overseas 299
Number of Employees Non-consolidated 2,613 Consolidated 18,153
Business Overview


Automotive Division

Conducts automotive assembly and wholesale, and retail sales. We have operations in growing markets such as Asia, Russia & NIS, and Latin America as well as in mature markets such as Japan and the U.S.. In addition, we are actively focusing our efforts on business areas such as auto-financing, automotive parts and components, automotive-related services, and internet and digital technologies.


  • A track record of auto sales spanning over 40 years
  • More than 4,000 Group employees at over 30 Group companies
  • Capabilities of investment execution & business development
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Aerospace & Transportation Project Division

Manages aerospace industry businesses as a sales agent for commercial aircrafts and defense-related equipment and services, in addition to handling leasing, part-out, and business jets. In our transport infrastructure business, we are developing airport management and contributing to the railroad industry through rail construction and MRO business. Our marine vessels business handles multiple types of vessels, including new and secondhand, and related vessel machinery.


  • Experience in the aircraft sales business with more than 900 aircraft sold, accounting for the top market share in Japan
  • Received contracts for the construction of approximately 1,500km of railway track in India
  • One-stop solutions encompassing everything from shipbuilding and marine transport to machinery and equipment
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Machinery & Medical Infrastructure Division

Handles industrial machinery and bearings which form the backbone of every industry. We are also working to expand Public-Private Partnership (PPP) hospital business and create healthcare businesses in associated fields, with further exploration and investment in primary healthcare and digital healthcare fields. We aim to build plant EPC businesses and cultivate new businesses, particularly businesses which address environmental issues. We will also plan to expand into areas such as start-up investments and advanced technologies.


  • 40 years’ experience in the plant business
  • Partnerships with more than 30 companies
  • Conducting business in over 30 countries
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Energy & Social Infrastructure Division

Constructs a gas and LNG value chain based on an integrated business, which includes everything from LNG procurement to receiving terminals and gas-fired power plants. In the renewable energy business, we are concentrating on solar, wind, and biomass power generation. We are also focusing on developing sophisticated social infrastructure to meet the increasing global demand for data communications and processing.


  • 50 years of LNG business knowledge
  • Percentage of eco-friendly energy generation in our power generation business: Around 90%
  • A power generation business that will grow by 7 times over 10 years
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Metals & Mineral Resources Division

Engages in trading and upstream investment in ferrous materials and metal resources such as coal, iron ore, base metals, rare metals, and industrial minerals. In addition, we are creating new business models resilient to market conditions that will provide stable earnings.


  • Sole general trading company with coal mine operations know-how
  • Stable earnings from businesses such as Metal One, one of the world‘s largest steel-based general trading companies
  • Venturing into new businesses
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Chemicals Division

Conducts trading and business investment in liquid chemicals such as methanol, plastics and other petrochemical products, and inorganic chemicals and industrial minerals such as industrial salt and rare earths.


  • Customer base of over 5,000 companies
  • Wide variety of products and materials
  • Track record of over 40 yearsin handling rare earths
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Foods & Agriculture Business Division

Operates businesses that provide safe and reliable food. We are expanding our agribusiness, feed business, marine products business, foodstuffs business, among others.


  • Strong business foundation in Southeast Asia
  • Top class in compound chemical fertilizers in three countries
  • Tuna value chain—fish-farming to processing and sales
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Retail & Lifestyle Business Division

Focused on a diverse range of business that can respond to consumer needs both in Japan and overseas. These include our food distribution, shopping center management, brand, consumer goods distribution, textile, and forest resource businesses.


  • A network and customer base established over many years
  • Track record in management of shopping centers
  • Top market leader for North American beef imports and plywood in Japan
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Industrial Infrastructure & Urban Development Division

Operates foundational businesses both in Japan and overseas that serve as pillars for industry and urban life, including overseas industrial parks, overseas urban infrastructure, domestic real estate, J-REIT management, and comprehensive living support.


  • Ability to build infrastructure and develop products
  • Proprietary service with attention to detail
  • Promoting integration in the real estate business
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Performance by Division (Profit for the period attributable to owners of the Company)


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