Environmental Management

Environmental Management System

Sojitz and other relevant Group companies have acquired ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management, and are using environmental management systems (EMS) based on this standard.

Sojitz established an environmental management organization headed by the President & CEO. The CSR Committee handles the development of environmental policies and review of the EMS. Each department appoints persons in charge of environmental matters and takes measures according to their respective business activities such as promotion of environmentally friendly businesses. Sojitz also conducts internal environmental audits every year to ensure proper implementation and continual improvement of its EMS.

Sojitz Environmental Management System(EMS) Chart

Sojitz Environmental Management System(EMS) Chart

ISO14001 Certification

Sojitz Corporation

  • Certification Body

    JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.

  • Certification Number


  • Scope of Certification

    Sojitz Corporation Head Office, Osaka Office
    Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation Tokyo Head Office, Osaka Branch, Kyushu Office

  • Date of Certification

    March 16, 2006

  • Date of Recertification

    January 24, 2016

  • Date of Expiry

    September 14, 2018

ISO14001 approval was acquired on August 20, 1999. As of March 16, 2006, the company's ISO 14001 registration was transferred to a new registrar, as a result of the business integration of certification bodies


ISO14001 Certification within Sojitz Group

Companies that have obtained ISO14001 certification (as of March 31st, 2016)
<In Japan>
■Sojitz Corporation
■Nissho Electronics Corporation
■Sojitz Machinery Corporation
■Tokyo Yuso Co., Ltd.
■Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation
■DaiichiboCo., Ltd.
<Outside of Japan>
■Autrans(Thailand) Co., Ltd.
■PT.Kaltim Methanol Industri
■Thai Central Chemical Pcl.
■Long Duc Investment Co., Ltd.
■The Long Binh Industrial Zone Development LLC

11 companies in total, including both in and outside of Japan

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Managing Environmental Risk for new Investment & Loan Projects

Prior to deliberating on new investment and loan projects, we require the department applying for investment and loan approval to complete an “Environmental Risk Management Checklist.” Using the checklist, the department confirms that they have conducted the required due diligence and taken all necessary measures to deal with potential environmental risks, such as impact to biodiversity; soil, groundwater, or water contamination; impact on water resources in areas where such resources are limited; and impact on indigenous peoples.

Environmental Protection and Social Contribution Initiatives in Mine Development and Operation business

In its mine development and operation business, Sojitz gives due consideration to environmental protection, health and safety management, and contribution to local communities.

Mine development entails various risks, but we proceed with projects only after internally verifying that sufficient pollution and accident prevention measures are in place. This allows us to prevent risks before they materialize. Even after the mine is in operation, we work to ensure that it operates continuously with thorough safety and health management processes. We also strive to reduce environmental impact and promote environmental conservation through measures such as mine rehabilitation for all mines as necessary. For example, at a Sojitz-owned open-cut coal mine in Australia we keep the topsoil that is removed for mining and use it after the mining is finished to cover up the mined area. We then work to restore the land to its original condition by planting new native vegetation. In addition, we implement various social contribution activities based on the theme of sustainable coexistence with surrounding communities.

Initiatives at the Minerva Coal Mine

The Minerva Coal Mine in Australia, which Sojitz operates with a 96% stake, ranks among the top tier of Australian coal mining companies in safety and health management. With zero lost time injuries (workplace injuries, including minor injuries, that result in time lost from work of one shift or more) over a 34-month period until January 2015, the Minerva Coal Mine is one of the few open-cut coal mines in Queensland to achieve such a record.

We also contribute to society by working with surrounding communities to maintain the local ecosystem. For example, we have supported efforts to protect the bridled nail-tailed wallaby, an endangered species. In recognition of this assistance, in November 2013 the Minerva Coal Mine received the first prize in the Energy and Sustainability category of the 2013 Queensland Regional Achievement & Community Awards. The mine was selected from among 190 organizations and programs for the award, and was highly evaluated for its activities emphasizing coexistence with surrounding communities.

We will continue to take a proactive approach to safety and health management to ensure continuous operation of the mine, as well as initiatives to protect the environment and benefit surrounding communities.

The nail-tailed wallaby, an endangered species


Managing Director and CEO Cameron Vorias (far left)
and then General Manager Rod Hicks (far right)
receive the Queensland Regional Achievement & Community Award in November 2013

Environmental Education and Training

To improve understanding of the Company's EMS and the environment by personnel, Sojitz provides training for persons responsible for environmental issues, new employees and internal environmental audit personnel, as well as e-learning-based environmental education. Environmental information is also provided on Sojitz's "CSR & Environment" intranet site.

The Company encourages employees to take the Eco Test, a certification test for environmental specialists administered by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In addition, the Company engages in tree-thinning and mowing as the Group’s forest conservation activities.