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Use of RSS

What is RSS?

RSS is technology for distributing headlines and summaries of articles on a Website. It is used by news sites, blogs, and other sites that are updated frequently to alert users to updated content.

What is an RSS Reader?

An RSS reader is a tool that checks RSS files and displays new content.
There are various types of readers that are distributed for free including software that reads RSS data from specified sites and creates a Web page and software that displays updated information from specified sites on the desktop.

List of RSS Feeds

Note Concerning Use of RSS

There is no guarantee that this service will be continued in the future.
The service may be suspended, or the URL may be changed for information system-related reasons.
Use of the RSS feeds is under each user's responsibility.
The service may be suspended without prior notice for system maintenance.
Sojitz is unable to respond to questions concerning how to use RSS or inquiries concerning the use of RSS readers or other software.
Previously distributed information may become unavailable because of changes to the content or address.
The content of publicly released information is subject to revision or discontinuation without prior notice.

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