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Sojitz is involved in so many areas of our lives.

You might be surprised to learn Sojitz is involved in creating our day-to-day living spaces, including hotels, condominiums, and much more. We also operate hospitals, provide medical services, and supply renewable energy through our solar and wind power businesses. These are a just a few examples of the many ways Sojitz is a part of our lifestyle.


Sojitz develops and sells condominiums for leasing and rentals, conducts remodeling, and provides management. Our living space brand IMPREST aims to help everyone realize their own personal lifestyle vision, creating spaces for prosperous living.

Cafes & Hotels

IMPREST CAFE launched as a social space for every occasion to enrich the lifestyles of our patrons. We are also building new types of hotels to enrich your travels, such as IMPREST STAY and hotel tou nishinotoin kyoto by withceed, among others.

Health & Medical care

Sojitz aims to provide solutions for social challenges such as aging populations and shortages of caretakers. We are involved in the development and operation of hospitals as well as peripheral medical services. In 2020, Sojitz opened Turkey's largest hospital complex.

Renewable Energy

In order to supply clean energy, Sojitz is involved in solar, wind, biomass, and other forms of renewable energy as part of its power generation business. We have solar power plants in Japan and Central and South America; onshore wind power projects in Ireland and the U.S.; and offshore wind power projects in Taiwan. In Hokkaido, Sojitz is constructing a biomass power plant that runs on woodchip fuel.

Eat + ING

Here's an opportunity to think more about our food.

Food is an essential part of daily life. Whether it's a home-cooked meal, a snack from a convenience store, or a restaurant course, we eat somewhere every day. The food we take for granted is available thanks to those working in the food industry. From agriculture and livestock production to tuna farming and food distribution, Sojitz supports all kinds of nutritional needs.

Tuna Farming and Processing

Sojitz is involved in a tuna farming business in Nagasaki Prefecture that uses AI technology to provide a reliable supply of high-quality tuna. In China, Sojitz established the country's first tuna processing company. We boast top-grade tuna in the industry, selling internationally certified sustainable tuna.


From raw ingredients to processing of livestock, agricultural, and marine products, Sojitz handles food distribution, quality control, and product development for a wide range of foods. In Vietnam, Sojitz is building a comprehensive food value chain that encompasses everything from a four-temperature cold chain logistics business to the operation of convenience stores.


In Southeast Asia, Sojitz is involved in the production and sale of compound chemical fertilizers that provide the optimal ingredients for agriculture. We have also partnered with agribusiness startups, contributing to progress in the industries of agriculture and food.

Meat Production

Sojitz handles the full range of livestock and related businesses, from meatpacking to supplying hay and grass. We also have a feed business in Vietnam. In addition, Sojitz established the marketing company, Meat One Corporation, with the goal of offering quality meat products at competitive prices. Meat One developed the original Nikuichiban brand for processed meat products.

Travel + ING

Sojitz even plays a part in travel and transportation!

Discover new people and places while enjoying novel sights and delicious regional foods. With evolved modes of transportation, we can explore further to acquire rich life experiences. Sojitz makes this possible with our automobile and aircraft businesses. We are also involved in airport management, ride sharing, and travel agencies.

Airports & Business Jets

Sojitz operates airports in Japan at Shimojishima (Miyako City, Okinawa) and in Kumamoto, as well as overseas in Palau and Khabarovsk, Russia. We also charter business jets, a service for which there is growing global demand.


Sojitz is involved in dealership businesses for premium-brand vehicles in Japan, the U.S., Brazil, and other countries. In Mexico, Sojitz has taken on the challenge of building an auto-financing business for customers who have difficulty procuring an auto loan.


Combining trading with tourism, we utilize Sojitz's expansive network to create innovative, customized tours for business, training, internships, study tours, sightseeing, cultural experiences, and more.

EV & Mobility

Sojitz's mobility business includes bike-share platform HELLO CYCLING, development of lithium-ion batteries for EVs, EV charging infrastructure, and battery reuse. Sojitz has also begun the necessary infrastructure development to promote the spread of EVs.

Shop + ING

I think I might've shopped with Sojitz before!

Sojitz is directly engaged with the shopping experience. We operate shopping malls, sell merchandise, and produce green polyethylene, the raw material for eco-friendly plastic containers and shopping bags. We not only sell products, but provide experiences and services related to shopping and beyond.

Outlets & Shopping Malls

Sojitz provides the future shopping experience. We operate shopping malls such as Nasu Garden Outlet, Pieri Moriyama, Nittoh Mall, and Mallage. You'll be sure to find the fashion, food, and fun to fit your lifestyle at one of our quality shops.


TOMS, Admiral, McGregor, and PENDLETON—you might recognize some of our prominent brands. Sojitz handles import, sales, and licensing for footwear, apparel, bags, and miscellaneous accessories.
Our clothing brand, IITO, created by our DAIICHIBO cotton mill, manufactures high-quality cut and sew clothing that you'll want to wear every day.

Food Packaging

Do you buy packaged ham or cheese? Sojitz conducts sales across Europe of oxygen barrier packaging used in these packaged products.
Need a shopping bag? In Japan, greater Asia, and Oceania,
we conduct sales of green polyethylene, a plant-based resin used to manufacture plastic bags and containers. Derived from sugar cane, green polyethylene provides an eco-friendly solution to address issues such as decarbonization and ocean plastic pollution.


Sojitz offers high-quality products for sale at airport shops and duty-free shops as well as through mail-order sales. At Nippon Department Store, we sell specialty Japanese products made by craftsmen from all over Japan.

Connect + ING

The future looks even more exciting!

Technology is constantly advancing. We now live in an age where we can do an immeasurable number of things with only a smartphone, and Sojitz too is developing businesses to fully realize the possibilities of AI and IoT. From telecommunications and healthcare, to digital transformation (DX) in the automotive industry and creating a circular economy, Sojitz supports the lives of people everywhere in unseen ways.

Communications Infrastructure

We are engaged in the development of ICT infrastructure that supports the progress of digitalization. In Japan, we have invested in a data center company, and a start-up company that provides wireless communication services. Overseas, we have invested in a telecommunication tower operator, and a manufacturer of lightweight carbon fiber telecommunication towers. As a comprehensive ICT infrastructure provider, moving forward, we will continue to expand our business domains and build the digital infrastructure that will serve as the foundation for realizing a next-generation society.


We are working to promote DX in the automotive industry by entering into connected car-related businesses using advanced digital technologies such as AI and IoT, and by building a next-generation car sales model with partners who excel in the development of VR, AR, and MR systems.

Smart Healthcare

Through collaboration with healthcare start-ups, we have developed AI and IoT-based diagnostic support systems as well as telemedicine and home monitoring services. We will continue to develop smart healthcare and medical platform businesses that utilize new technologies to meet the world's evolving healthcare needs.


Circular Economy

In order to address environmental issues—such as dwindling natural resources and plastic pollution in the oceans—and achieve a sustainable society, we have launched a resource recycling platform which utilizes AI, and ventured into a business supporting efficient utilization of used IT equipment. We will contribute to the realization of a circular economy by promoting the concepts of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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